Hair Transplant in Turkey: In-Depth Guide for Patients

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Medically reviewed by
Fahad Mawlood

Published 09.03.2021

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In 2019, about 680,000+ people had a hair transplant procedure globally. And Turkey still remains among the most after-sought places to have this procedure. Thousands of customers jet out to the state because of numerous benefits they can obtain here:
  • Low prices and hot deals.
Turkish clinics stay ahead regarding the best hair transplant (HT) pricing. They determine the average cost of hair transplantation as $2,200 (according to Bookimed data), and for this price you receive the maximum number of grafts (hair follicles) possible to be replaced per one session. Just compare: the same hair transplantation costs $6,000-$18,000 in the UK and up to $15,000 in the USA. The difference impresses, so even with all travel expenses you receive more profit choosing Turkey for hair transplants.
  • Newest techniques.
If you think that a low price in case of a hair transplant surgery in Turkey means poor quality and outdated techniques, we have good news for you. The Turkish clinics that serve medical tourists (patients coming from abroad) value their reputation. So, they employ highly-experienced doctors (each of them has already had 1,000+ procedures on their account) and use only the most updated techniques. FUE method and DHI hair transplant are the most frequently applied options for HT. The same methods are widely used in the USA or the UK. They show up to 98% effectiveness, guarantee a lifetime result.
  • Advanced services.
By picking Turkey for a hair replacement, you do not only save money and receive the excellent final result. You can count on some extra services included in the hair transplant price for free as a bonus. They are airport pick-up, accommodation, and interpreter’s escort. So, just after your landing in Turkey, you will focus on your surgery exceptionally, not some travel arrangements. Sounds well? Keep reading to find more info about a hair transplant in Turkey: cost, results, reviews, clinics, and doctors.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

As we mentioned above, the Turkish medical centers propose one of the most cost-effective deals for hair transplant procedures in the world. The pricing here is 3-4 times cheaper than in some other countries where a hair transplantation is widespread. See the cost comparison* below:

The UK$9,000
The USA$12,000
South Korea$6,500

*The pointed costs are approximate. They can vary depending on many factors.

As you see, the difference is significant. And if you want to receive a qualitative hair transplant surgery that will not cost you a fortune, Turkey is an excellent option for you. 

However, you can wonder:

Why is a Hair Transplant So Cheap in Turkey?

There is no correlation between low costs and quality in case with Turkish medical centers that serve international clients. The hair transplant procedures are performed according to the protocols meeting all internationally-recognized standards. The deal is that the local government aims to make Turkey a top destination for medical tourism globally and one more state budget replenishment source. So, the clinics attract customers with low costs, maintaining a high level of service simultaneously.

The cost of a hair transplant operation within the country varies about 10-15%. So, you can find even offers starting from $1,600.


How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey [Prices, Packages and Best Deals]

Wanna have the cheapest hair transplant, but don’t know where to go? It seems that we have found the best option for you—all-inclusive packages in Turkey. Bookimed has picked 10 clinics that offer the cheapest hair transplant in Turkey.

The following factors affect the price of a hair transplant in Turkey:

  • the surgeon’s reputation and experience
  • the clinic’s recognition and demand among patients
  • a set of services offered.

However, if you pick even the most extended hair transplantation offer, you will not pay over $4,300. The most common price is $2,000-$2,500. For this money, you will receive a hair transplant procedure managed by an experienced doctor, follow-up supervision, comfortable conditions for living, a regular airport-clinic-airport transfer, and even an interpreter’s accompaniment. No other country in the world offers advanced service at such a reasonable price.

What Hair Transplant Package to Choose and What Will I Benefit?

The main feature of hair transplant facilities in Turkey is that they offer a price not for an operation separately, but together with a complete set of services. This is called a hair transplant package price. When you see a fee for this intervention in a Turkish clinic, note that it consists of the following components:

  • a hair replacement procedure, the maximum number of grafts (4,500+)
  • blood tests
  • stay in a 4 or 5-star hotel
  • interpreter’s escort (if necessary)
  • airport pick-up to deliver you in a clinic.

Usually, most medical centers worldwide determine the pricing of a hair transplant operation in the following way: they provide a cost per graft, not the whole procedure. So, the more grafts you require, the higher the price will be. Moreover, no extra services are not provided for free. It supposes that you need to pay for accommodation and your way to a clinic and back additionally. 

While picking a hair transplant package in Turkey, you obtain such benefits:

  • save 30-40% additionally for extra arrangements
  • receive the maximum number of transplanted hair for a minimal price
  • focus on your procedure and its result, not some financial or organizational matters.

Picking a hair transplant package in any Turkish clinics, specify which services it covers to know what you pay for. Some medical centers also extend a list of services that fall in the cost offering meals, city tours, a private driver, etc. Note that picking “star” doctors to manage a procedure may increase the cost. Such surgeons often ask for a higher fee due to the vast experience and broad popularity outside the country. Also, if you want to stay in a 5-star hotel instead of a 4-one, you will need to pay extra. 

About 90% of customers prefer a standard package to get a hair transplant in Turkey. Such a package covers the basic services: a procedure, a hotel stay, a transfer. Customers are absolutely satisfied choosing a standard set of benefits because the FUE hair transplant result does not depend on whether you stay in a comfortable 4-star hotel or a luxurious 5-star one.

Reviews of a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Almost every person who seeks a hair transplant in Turkey or any other place wants to be sure that they will experience the best results and forget about the hair loss problem forever eventually. One of the most trustworthy sources for predicting a future outcome and finding the most optimal place for a hair transplant is patients’ reviews.

Thousands of people share the experience regarding their Turkish hair transplant journey. They describe in detail where they had a procedure, who managed a hair transplant, how they passed the postoperative period, what difficulties they faced, and the most important — what result they have received eventually. 

You can find such reviews on many sources, including the websites of the specialized clinics. However, the medical facilities are a concerned party, so there is a possibility of faked reviews published on their website. You can find the most truthful feedback on the thematic communities or such platforms as Bookimed.

We verify our users, so that you will find 100+ real reviews about a hair transplant in Turkey on our website you can trust.


Patient reviews on hair transplant

The patient underwent hair transplant in Adem and Havva Medical Center
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Hello! All liked it. At the airport I was met by the driver and taken to the hotel. The hotel is comfortable next to the clinic. In the morning, the same driver brought me to the clinic. My English is bad, so at the clinic I was met by a manager with an interpreter. After consultation, I passed a blood test and after 15 minutes began the procedure. The most unpleasant thing is when anesthesia is administered, the transplant process itself is painless. After the transplant, they were given all the necessary medicines and taken to the hotel. In the next two days, they were brought to the clinic for treatment of the head for 30 minutes, the rest of the time was free. On the fourth day after the final examination, I purchased a hair care kit (shampoo, oils and vitamins) at the clinic and the driver took me to the airport. A month has passed since the transplant, so I can't say for sure about the result, but in my opinion everything is taking root well and the result will be visible in a few months. The staff is well-coordinated and friendly, they did everything quickly and professionally. I traveled on the recommendation of a friend who transplanted at this clinic a year ago.
The patient underwent hair transplant in Madame Safiye Health Group
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Good afternoon Never wrote a review but this time I decided to write a few words. I will not describe all the details, others have already done it. I arranged for December 21-24 and flew home just yesterday. I am still impressed. I have not experienced such peace of mind for the last 10 years. Everything was organized at the highest level. On Monday night, I flew from Brussels to Istanbul, where I was met and taken to a five-star hotel. We settled in a beautiful room on the 8th floor. On the second day, Hakan (coordinator) came for me and took me to the clinic. The staff of the clinic, headed by Madame Safia, greeted me very warmly. Translated by a Russian woman Katya, who actually works there in the field of finance, is very beautiful and friendly. Mostly assistants worked, under the supervision of Safia. The operation lasted 8-9 hours with a lunch break. All this time, Katya came up, encouraged and, if necessary, translated my many thanks to her. I will not go on to describe all the details, everything went well. On the second day, I asked Dilara to show me the old city and the chauffeur, for a small fee, took me to the historical center of Istanbul, where I had time to walk and take pictures. The result on the fourth day of the operation is good, as they predicted for me. I would like to express my gratitude to Madame Safiye, the assistants who worked directly and the entire staff of the clinic. I want to mention Katya (translated), thank you very much. Special thanks to Hakan, who simply exuded kindness and friendliness. And finally Dilyara, who, from beginning to end, seemed to be leading me by the hand, thank you so much! May the Almighty reward you with all the best for everything !!!
The patient underwent hair transplant in Adem and Havva Medical Center
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Hello everyone. I want to share my experience. In this matter, of course, personal attitude is very important and if you decide to change your life for the better, (and it is), be sure to trust the professionals. In this regard, I was lucky, just such people surrounded me with their care and attention throughout the entire time. The operation was done at the Adam and Havva clinic, which I am very happy because there are highly qualified specialists with rich experience. The clinic provided us with a transfer, (driver Zafer a big hello) and the hotel -Quiet and quite comfortable, p located in the old part of the city, we even managed to take a walk. Greetings and many thanks to Dilara, the curator from the clinic, as well as all the doctors from the Adem & Havva clinic, and success to you. Well and, of course, a special thanks to the girls from Bookimed, Marina and Varvara, thank you, you doing important work, helping people .... In general, as I already wrote, the main thing is to decide, and if you decide, then drop all doubts ... all health, peace and kindness, thank you for your attention.

After checking the reviews, you will definitely know which clinic to choose and what to expect after your arrival in Turkey. After your flying back home, you can also share your hair transplant experience to help those people who are now looking for a clinic and find answers to their questions.

Before and After Results of a Hair Transplant in Turkey

They say that it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. This statement is also relevant to hair transplant results. Before and after photos of patients who have already undergone a procedure in Turkey are the most demonstrative overviews of the future outcome. Comparing the images, you will predict how you will look after an operation. Only when you see the most proper hair transplant work, you can consider a clinic where this result has been achieved.

The photos will also help you choose a clinic and a doctor who will manage this operation: after checking them you will understand whether you want to obtain the same result. You can find the photos on the Bookimed website (there are only real patients’ images, the rights reserved), on the clinic’s official websites or on some communities.


Before and After Results of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Note that most of the postoperative results you see are not immediate. It requires some time to observe as the transplanted hair starts growing like your own one. Usually, it takes about 12 months to estimate the final outcome. And this is the most common period when people take their “after” photos. 

So, leaving a Turkish clinic after an intervention, you will still have some bald areas, but they are temporary. When these 12 months pass, you will receive an outstanding result that will preserve for a lifetime. Some Turkish medical centers even provide a life-lasting warranty for a hair transplant proving their competency and the quality of a procedure.

FUE Hair Transplant: How It Works and Benefits

FUE hair transplant (or Follicular Unit Extraction method) is one of the most common methods applied in Turkey and worldwide. This hair transplant treatment has been used for over 10 years, and still, it is the most effective, high quality, and painless hair replacement procedure ever. 

The process of FUE method is the following:

  • Local anesthesia is administered to make the procedure comfortable for a patient.
  • A doctor starts collecting grafts (a bunch of 3-4 follicles). A specialist takes out follicular units from the donor areas (usually, the nape). The obtained material is placed in a special liquid, and then a doctor forms grafts.
  • A surgeon makes tiny punctures on the hairless zone. 
  • Using a punch, a special instrument for hair replacement, a doctor carefully plants follicles in the incisions.
Some Turkish facilities offer PRP-therapy or stem cell injections after an operation. These procedures speed up the recovery in the recipient and donor area, increase the survival rate of the replaced grafts (hair follicles). 

The duration of a hair transplant is 4-8 hours. The duration depends on the number of grafts needed for transplantation from the recipient areas. After FUE, there are no visible scars, and painful feelings disappear soon. The recovery goes fast, and in 7 days after a procedure, a patient can return to work and a normal lifestyle. 

The benefits that patients obtain choosing Turkey for FUE hair transplant:

  • 3-4 times lower price than in the USA or the UK where the same FUE procedure is carried out
  • package price for an intervention: accommodation, transfer, interpreters escort are also fallen in the price
  • ability to solve hair loss issues and combine an operation with some kind of vacation enjoying local places of interest.

Experiencing a FUE hair transplant in Turkey, you can count on the great result and comfortable healing process. Here, you will receive follow-up consultations and recommendations on avoiding complications and boosting postoperative recovery. All you need is to choose a good clinic and a doctor that will help to reach a desirable result.

FUE Clinics

Best FUE Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Turkey, Istanbul
Adem and Havva Medical Center
Turkey, Istanbul
Estetik International Clinic
Turkey, Istanbul
Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

What are the Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey?

There are 350+ hair transplant clinics located only in Istanbul. There are thousands of them across the country. For many people, it is difficult to pick one among such a significant number of facilities. Not to make a mistake and to select the medical center in your case and receive the best hair transplant, take into account this simple advice:
  • Read reviews. The patients’ feedback is the first thing you need to check out before picking a clinic. After reading them, you will determine whether people are satisfied by a visit to a clinic, the level of service, whether customers feel comfortable during a hair transplant procedure, what side effects or complications they experience, and many other things. If you meet many negative reviews or cannot find any, it is better to pick another medical facility.
  • Check out before and after photos. The medical centers that are proud of patients’ results after a procedure will not hide them. As a rule, you can find before-and-after photos on the official websites. You will be able to estimate whether they get rid of hair loss, improve hairline, hair growth and its density. If the final result seems improper for you, look for a facility that provides the outcome you like.
  • Compare prices. Naturally, a meager cost is always attractive. However, it is better to put aside those centers that offer suspiciously cheap hair transplants. Pay attention to those medical centers that provide average pricing for an operation.
Also, you can pick a clinic among those that are listed on our page. At once, you will check costs, reviews, patients’ before and after photos. According to clients’ opinion who have a hair transplant with Bookimed assistance, the best facilities for a procedure in Turkey are: Madam Safiye Health Group, Smile Hair Clinic, Estetik International located in Istanbul, etc.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Turkey, Istanbul
Adem and Havva Medical Center
Turkey, Istanbul
Estetik International Clinic
Turkey, Istanbul
Proesthe Hair Transplant Center

Who are the Best Hair Transplant Doctors?

Picking a proper clinic for a FUE hair transplant is a responsible step on your hair make-over journey: you select a high service level, comfortable conditions of staying, new equipment. However, finding the right hair transplant surgeon is more important. The doctor’s experience determines what result you will receive eventually and whether you will have complications after a procedure. To minimize possible side effects and to obtain a result you have been dreaming of, pay attention to those criteria:

  • Doctor’s experience. Education and a number of practicing years are important. However, pay special attention to a number of performed successful hair transplant surgeries. Board-certified doctors have at least 700-800 hair transplants under their belt.
  • Reviews and photos. It is compulsory to check out the patients’ reviews about a doctor: it is great when a surgeon can perform a qualitative hair transplant, is kind and supportive to his/her customers. Photos of men and women who have had hair transplantation also demonstrate what result you will receive in the end.

There are a lot of doctors in Turkey who meet these criteria. For instance, Dr. Mehmet Erdogan, Dr. Safiye Kurt, Dr. Cagatay Cebeci, etc. are among the best to perform hair transplants.


The Best Hair Transplant Doctors

Mehmet Erdogan
Mehmet Erdogan
Hair transplant specialist, Transplant surgeon
Read More
Dr. Mehmet Erdogan is among top-rated hair transplant specialists in Turkey.SpecialtyDr. Mehmet Erdogan is an expert in hair transplant and restoration. He provides transplant applying manual Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and medical treatments for hair loss.Work experienceSmile Hair Clinic — Lea ...
Hamid Aydin
Hamid Aydin
Hair transplant specialist, Transplant surgeon
Read More
A specialist in hair health, provides hair transplant. Leads the Turkish Hair Health and Hair Transplantation Association (SAÇDER). Specialty Dr. Hamid Aydin is an expert in hair restoration, medical and surgical treatment of hair loss in men and women. Work experience Founder, medical director and ...
Safiye Kurt
Safiye Kurt
Hair transplant specialist, Transplant surgeon
Read More
Imagemaker, dermatologist, successful businesswoman but first of all: An expert in hair transplant. Dr. Safiye Kurt is a pioneer of FUE hair transplant in Turkey and the founder of Madame Safiye Health Group. In 2018, Dr. Safiye Kurt received the Bookimed Award as the Best hair transplant specialis ...

Hair transplantation is the only option offering a permanent solution to stop hair loss and restore hair density. Choosing Turkey for hair transplantation, you receive a set of benefits: lower prices, advanced customer service and care, high quality of the procedure. If you have any questions regarding this operation, what hair transplant clinic to choose, who are the best doctors, where is the lowest cost, how to schedule an operation, just submit a request on Bookimed for receiving a free consultation. With us it is safe and much easier to arrange your hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant in Turkey FAQ

Turkey offers many benefits for patients: low cost, all-inclusive service, and board-certified doctors. Despite affordable prices, you experience a high-quality hair transplant with a guaranteed lifetime result.

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey varies between $1,600-$3,000 depending on the clinic and services included.

The general price policy within a country is low, so medical services are affordable for tourists. Also, local clinics maintain interest among international patients offering discounts and extra services.

There are 350+ hair transplant clinics only in Istanbul. The most frequently chosen are Estetik International, Smile Hair Clinic, Madam Safiye Center, etc.


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