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Before and After Results of Hair Transplant in Turkey

There is a great number of patients who are interested in what result they obtain after a hair transplants in Turkey. Over 10,000 patients have already contacted Bookimed regarding a hair transplant. A lot of them wonder how their appearance will be improved after an intervention. Due to this, our team always provides customers with before and after photos of those men and women who have had hair transplants in Turkey or elsewhere with Bookimed support. Customers check out the result of the best hair transplant in several clinics and only then give preference to one of them. It is better to once than hear a hundred times. Below, you can check men’s hair transplant results who have got procedures in Turkish clinics and also to find out how to achieve the most desirable result. 

Hair Transplant Results in 12 Months Perspective

Look at some photos to estimate the male hair transplant results who have obtained a procedure at least 12 months ago:

When Can You Observe a Final Result after a Hair Transplant?

The result of a hair transplant is not visible just after an operation, as far as it takes some time and requires patience from a person. Moreover, you can also observe some things that can scare or upset you like the follicles dropping out. This is a common process that accompanies a post-op period. You need to keep calm: the follicles stop falling out in 2-3 months after a hair replacement surgery.

It is obligatory to wait at least 3 months to see the first newly-grown hairs. Most likely, no one of your relatives or friends will not even notice your transformation. But in 6 months, your transplanted hair becomes denser and starts growing faster, overtaking other hair. Reaching 9-12 months, it is hard not to observe that your hair has become denser and no traces of baldness have left.

The period of 9-12 months is the peak of hair growth. You can enjoy great results just like on the patients’ before-after photos you have checked previously a procedure. It is just necessary to wait a year, spend one day for a hair transplant in Turkey, and you will see an absolutely new reflection of yourself in the mirror.

Is a Hair Transplant Result Permanent or Not?

To answer this question correctly, it is necessary to determine the reasons that have caused hair loss or baldness. If it is related to your testosterone (a male hormone) balance or some injuries or burns, a hair transplant shows really great results. This procedure is a single option that leads to a perfect and permanent outcome in the case of hair loss or alopecia. The deal is that the implanted follicles are not impacted by testosterone as far they are taken from a testosterone-independent donor’s area. Due to this, a patient can count on a lifetime result, because testosterone will not influence the transplanted hair. Many hair transplant clinics located in Istanbul and other cities even give a warranty for this surgery promising that the obtained result will be preserved forever.

The transplanted follicles behave themselves like the rest of your “old” hairs: you can wash them, dye, do styling. You can do everything you have done before to your hair, but now you will not be afraid that it will begin dropping out again. You can enjoy your updated hairstyle until you are 80 or 90 years old.

Before and After a Hair Transplant: Preparation and Follow-up

Pre-op Arrangements for the Best Result

1. Consultation with a Doctor Previous to a hair transplant surgery, it is necessary to determine whether you are a good candidate to experience this intervention and what results it will bring. The best way is to have a consultation with a doctor, online or face-to-face. A specialist will conduct a survey and find out what causes your hair loss. Afterward a specialist decides whether a FUE hair transplant or another type is a proper option for you. There are no many restrictions if you are:
  • healthy
  • have enough follicles for replacement on the donor area.
Despite a common delusion, a patient’s age is not a crucial factor: if a hair transplant is indicated, it can be performed for people of any age. However, it is not recommended to have this procedure till you are 25. In this case, hormonal balance is not yet stabilized, and it can affect a hair transplant result. 2. Choosing a Hair Transplant Method The most frequently applied method for a hair transplant is FUE technique. It is processed in the following way: a hair transplant technician takes out follicles from the donor area, gathers them forming grafts, and puts these grafts to a hairless zone. The procedure is quite long-term — it can be prolonged up to 8 hours. Despite numerous incisions made during implantation, scars rarely occur and are hardly visible. To enhance hair transplant results, some clinics in Turkey offer PRP or stem cell injections. They boost the healing and increase success of tan operation up to 98%. It supposes that 98 out of 100 grafts survive and will give rise to new hair. This result can be achieved, if a FUE, DHI or FUT hair transplant is performed by a doctor with vast experience. Only then, you can count on a high quality of an intervention. In some rare cases, a FUT hair transplant is prescribed. This is when a surgeon takes off a thin strip containing skin and hair from the nape, divides it into tiny pieces (grafts), and implants them into a hairless zone. It is considered an old-fashioned method. However, it can be used for patients with advanced alopecia. It also shows such a great result as a FUE hair transplant, but a patient experiences scars on the nape zone. 3. Picking a Clinic When it is clear, whether a hair transplantation is a proper option to fix your hair loss issues and what results can you expect after a procedure, the next step is to pick the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey to manage an operation. First of all, compare info about Turkish clinics listed on the Bookimed page, analyze prices and what they include. Choose several most preferred medical centers, read the reviews, see patients’ photos to predict a result you will receive after hair transplants. 4. Arranging a Trip When you have decided where you want to get a hair transplant in Turkey, submit a request on Bookimed, and our coordinator will call you back to answer all questions regarding prices, doctors’ qualification, visa issues. Then you inform the date you would like to arrive, and a coordinator book a convenient date in a chosen clinic, flight tickets, and a hotel (if necessary). These services are free, you pay only for surgery and travel expenses. The day you land in Turkey, a free transfer from a clinic will meet you at an airport. Then, you arrive at a medical center, have a consultation with a doctor, discuss a future result, and he/she performs a hair restoration surgery the next day.

After a Hair Transplant: Results and Recommendations

You should not expect an impressive result like you have seen on patients’ before and after photos just at once a procedure is over. Prepare to wait some time until you observe a visible result. After an operation, a doctor puts a dressing on the injured areas to protect them and reduce swelling. In the mirror, you will see some red dots and crusts on the head. Some pain and itching may take place. However, all these unpleasant feelings disappear in several days.

On the 3rd-5th day, you have to visit a doctor to estimate the dynamics of a healing process and then a surgeon or a nurse shows how to carefully wash your head to preserve the result and not to affect follicles. In 3-4 weeks, swelling and injuries will disappear and no one even will not find out that you have had a procedure. You return to your usual lifestyle.

You can observe the first visible results after a hair transplant in Turkey in at least 3 months: you will see that transplanted hair is starting to grow. It is thin first, but after some time it becomes denser and looks natural like other non-transplanted hairs. It will take about 12 months to estimate the final result after a hair transplantation. This is a quite long way, but the result is worth it: just one year and you look attractive, feel confident again, your hair loss problems are in the past. It is worth it, agree? Contact us to receive a free consultation on hair transplant clinics, prices, and doctors.


According to the Turkish hair transplant clinics data, the success rate of the procedure is 95-98%. For a patient it means that 95-98 hair follicles survive and grow after an operation. So, almost all implanted grafts will give a start to new hair after their implantation.
The result depends on the reasons that have provoked your hair loss. If it is related to testosterone imbalance, a hair transplant allows solving hair loss problems for a lifetime.
There are no strict age restrictions for hair transplant. However, it is not recommended to have the procedure for patients younger than 25 until the hormonal balance becomes stable.

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