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Looking for a place to get a Hollywood smile without wasting a fortune — consider obtaining veneers in Turkey! The cost per one veneer in Turkey starts at $80-$100. You can place 20 E-max porcelain veneers for $3,600 with warranty! No extra charges for accommodation or transfer — these items are already in the price. All you need is to book a dental clinic and arrive at the scheduled date. 

Restorative dentistry is developing exceptionally quickly propelled by celebrities’ brilliant smiles, an expanding number of men and women are willing to redress their teeth. One of the foremost sought-after and fast choices to form a perfect smile is the installation of veneers. They are thin layers put on the front tooth surface. These dental covers improve a tooth shape, its color, and protect the anterior side from damage.

A customer results in a perfect natural-looking smile within four-five days. Nevertheless, not everybody can bear to fulfill their dream: the veneers cost a lot in some countries, and health insurance does not compensate for the expenses. For occasion, the cost per one veneer within the USA shifts from$900 to $2,500 , within the UK — $900-$1,300. It is not difficult to count that improving the whole smile line will cost you like a small house in the countryside.

Due to this, people explore countries where a full set of veneers is available significantly cheaper. Turkey is among such states that offer cost-effective cosmetic dental services. You can place veneers 5-7 times less expensive in the local clinics than in American or British ones.

Keep reading to figure out more regarding the benefits of experiencing veneers in Turkey, current prices and packages offered.

How Much Are Veneers In Turkey?

According to the Bookimed partner clinics data, the cost of veneers in Turkey ranges from $60 and goes up to $350-$500 per 1 unit, depending on a veneer type, the clinic’s reputation, and doctor’s experience.
  • The prices for composite veneers start from 60$ per one unit. However, the average price is about $200-$250.
  • The minimum price for porcelain and laminate veneers is from $80, and the average one is about $250-$270 per unit.
It is more profitable to install 10-28 veneers at once, because the cost per one veneer up to 10 units will be higher. The dental clinics in Turkey offer all-inclusive packages: the price for a set of 12 veneers will cost about $4,500, for a set of 16 units — $4,800, a set of 20 units — $5,800, a full set 28 veneers — $8,000. The package price for veneers in Turkey usually includes:
  • a pointed number of veneers
  • panoramic X-ray
  • consultation with a doctor
  • an airport pick-up
  • stay in a 4-star hotel.
Veneers in Turkey

Types of Veneers Applied in Turkey

There are 2 most frequently used kinds of veneers applied in the Turkish med centers: composite layers and porcelain units. They function in order to provide visual and functional correction of your smile line, teeth shape and color shades.

However, composite and porcelain veneers contrast by their exploitation characteristics and prices*.

Price range$110-$190$150-$330
Lifespan5-10 years10-15 years
*The pointed prices are approximate; the final cost is calculated individually. Continue reading to explore the highs and lows of each veneer type and their price ranging.

Composite Veneers

They are thin layers used for coverage of the anterior tooth side. Specialists produce composite veneers of the same fabric as teeth fillings. Dental practitioners prefer installing them to rectify small tooth imperfections:
  • color changes
  • to hide outdated fillings
  • to visually align a teeth row
  • to correct diastema
  • to restore a tooth.
Picking composite dental veneers, patients benefit from their affordable price: customers preserve about 1.5 times more spare money. Thousands of outbound visitors, who would like to introduce the layers in Turkey, incline toward composite units because:
  • the process is prompt; a restorative dental practitioner can rectify a smile for one visit
  • if coverage is damaged, it is easily restored
  • an enamel of a natural tooth is less eliminated to install a composite unit shell
  • no special preparations are needed
  • perfect smile without pain and wasting much time
  • long-term result.
The producers of composite shells guarantee their lifespan of 5-7 years. Among the drawbacks of composite veneers are:
  • advanced care after the veneers to prolong their service life
  • their color may alter over time
  • a solid food can damage a thin shell.
Composite veneers are proper for patients who possess a limited budget but still desire to receive a new smile, more improved than their own one. See the composite veneers prices in Turkey to pick the foremost clinic. Submit a request to get a free quote and discover how much veneers cost in your case.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain units are thin layers that look maximum natural as real teeth. These covers are produced in special dental technical laboratories in Turkey to recreate their shape and color perfectly. During the initial customer’s visit, a dentist treats teeth, prepares them (eliminates some pieces of enamel), checks the dental records, selects a color of future veneers. Then, the lab produces the shells within 48 hours.

The highs of porcelain veneers:

  • no spots occur on porcelain veneers over time
  • look natural, same-colored and transparent
  • long-lasting
  • perfect aesthetic look.

The life service of porcelain veneers is 10-15 years.

The drawbacks are the following:

  • a quite high price (however, due to a long lifespan and quality, all financial wastes are worth it)
  • partial enamel removal to introduce a dental veneer
  • special preparation and several visits to a dentist.

Compare prices for porcelain veneers in Turkey and plan the convenient date of your arrival to induce veneers. Please send us the photo of your teeth and point out how many veneers you desire for calculation the total cost for your smile makeover.

Dental Veneers Packages Overview

Dental packages are special deals that cover expenses for veneers installation and additional services like hotel settlement or airport transfer. This approach allows patients to save 10-15% additionally. Let’s consider what options dental veneers package price in Turkey typically includes:
  • veneers and their installation. The packages normally cover the price for 10+ veneers. A patient gets more profit if a greater number of veneers is placed at once. The price also includes all processes related to dental layers placement: production of veneers, checking the dental records, medical and restorative consumables, doctor’s fee, dental treatments of natural teeth. Some patients need previous teeth whitening if they want to renovate the color of a whole smile.
  • hotel stay. It takes about 4-5 days in total to complete the dental procedures. A lot of dental centers provide a settlement for their patients. Tourists stay for 4-5 nights in the partner hotels. So, picking a veneer package, in fact, you receive a hotel stay for free or with a significant discount.
  • airport transfer. A clinic’s agent will meet you at the airport just after your landing in Turkey. This service excludes your efforts looking for a taxi or a bus. So, you just relax and head right to a dental clinic or a hotel.
  • interpreter’s escort. For clients who require language assistance during the dental trip in Turkey, a clinic provides this service. No extra payments are needed if you choose the package deal.
  • follow-up. When a veneer installation is over, you see a physician for a consultation. He/she will appraise the result and explain how to care for your restored teeth.
Veners in Turkey

Veneers Packages

The set of services contained in the veneers package options may alternate depending on the clinic. Some stomatological facilities provide more extended offers, but some propose a shortened list of services. Nevertheless, with the veneers package, you spare 10-15% of your savings compared to the case you would buy all these services separately.

What Factors Affect Veneer Prices

The Turkish facilities’ price policy may differ depending on a wide range of factors, so the veneers cost also does. In some clinics, a customer can find a procedure cheaper, but some institutions inquire for a higher price. The difference may impress a visitor in some cases: the ranging is between $80 to $300 per tooth.

Let’s explore what factors determine the cost of veneers:


Customers should always check out for prices and specify what the cost covers before booking a clinic for a veneer procedure. We would recommend considering dental centers that offer package prices for those visitors who want to renovate their smile with more than ten veneers.

Veneers Price Variety in Turkey vs. other countries

Check the table underneath to calculate how much savings you can preserve choosing Turkey for a veneer procedure as alternative to other countries:
CountryPrice range

Before and After Photos of Veneers

How To Pay for a Procedure?


Some Turkish cosmetic dentistry clinics may inquire to pay a deposit (usually about 10%) as a confirmation and booking your arrival day.

However, some dental clinics in Turkey do not require any deposit. You can pay for a veneer procedure just at a clinic’s desk.

You can use any convenient option to pay for veneers installation:


Credit cards


When you book the date of your arrival to a Turkish clinic for getting veneers, always specify whether it is necessary to pay a deposit and what way of payment is preferable.

Note, the reputable clinics in Turkey do not have any hidden costs.


However, always ask how much you will pay in total and whether some extra paid services can occur in the end.

How Long Should I Stay in Turkey? ​

Normally, a patient needs to stay in Turkey for up to 5 days to complete a veneer installation.

During your first appointment, a dentist prepares teeth for veneer placement, provides dental treatment, checks the dental records, installs temporary layers to hide the partially removed tooth enamel. These layers are usually produced within 3-4 hours.

A doctor sends the dental records to the laboratory to produce veneers. They will be ready in 48 hours. Then, a dentist removes your temporary teeth and installs permanent veneers to create your Hollywood smile. In total, it takes about 2-4 visits to a doctor to perform a procedure.

Ask your dentist how long you should stay in Turkey in your case to buy back flight tickets on the proper date.

Is There a Warranty for the Veneers? ​

The patients often wonder: how long do veneers preserve their initial natural look. It usually takes 5-15 years. The Turkish dental clinics provide a warranty for a veneer procedure. The guarantee’s duration depends on the veneers type: composite or porcelain. Usually, it is no less than five years. For dental implants, the warranty is a lifetime.

Nevertheless, every center can provide a different warranty for its dental work. According to this, clarify all issues regarding guarantee before your landing in Turkey.

If something goes wrong with your veneers after you get back home, most Turkish cosmetic dental clinics are ready to compensate for all your expenses and fix the veneer for free.


The full set of veneers consists of 20 dental units. The cost for each starts from $110 and goes up to $300. The cost depends on the clinic and the services provided. So, the full set of veneers will be about $2,500-$4,000 on average.
Veneers in Turkey cost 2-4 times cheaper than in the USA, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, South Korea, etc. This is explained by the general price policy within the state, regulated by the local Ministry of Health.
Istanbul is the cultural capital of Turkey, so there are hundreds of dental clinics that offer veneers. You can find here prices for veneers for any pocket — from $80-110 to $300.

Benefits of Jetting out in Turkey for Veneers

If your decision is to pick a Turkish clinic for veneers placing, prepare yourself to experience such profits:
Сut-price. A composite cover per one tooth in Turkey costs $110 on a par, per a porcelain one — $230. In comparison with the price of veneers provided in the United States or the United Kingdom, you can spare up to 70% of your cash in Turkey
Package deals. The Turkish clinics typically offer veneer package prices. It implies that the veneers’ price contains expenses for 10-15 dental units, teeth treatments, airport transfer, settlement in a hotel, and an interpreter’s escort. This lets save 10-15% additionally compared to if you would order these services separately.
Avanced quality. The Turkish clinics highly-demanded by medical visitors typically have gotten approval from reputable international institutions such as ADA (American Dental Association), for instance. It affirms a high quality of veneers installation process and applied materials.
Great service. Turkey is sought-after globally for its hospitality. The local dental facilities care about their customers in order to receive positive feedback in perspective and do not lose their reputation on the international market. So, be ready that a representative of a clinic will meet you at the airport, deliver right to a hotel. And this service is provided absolutely for free within packages
Board-certified doctors. The stomatologists with a workplace in the Turkish clinics have at least a decade of experience, regularly promote their skills, and participate in international conferences to update their knowledge about the latest developments in dentistry.

As you see, picking Turkey for veneers installation, you receive a cut-price procedure and the advanced level of service.


Turkey is one of the top destinations for cosmetic dentistry in the world. Answering the question how much do veneers cost in Turkey, it is essential to take into account a great number of factors:

  • veneers’ type
  • a clinic’s prominence
  • a cosmetic dentist’s expertise
  • the quality level of services offered.

You can get an accurate price for a procedure only after your request on Contact us to send photos of your smile, and we transmit them to a preferred medical center. The picked dental clinic will obtain your appeal and calculate the cost of veneers placement in your case and call back to clarify all issues.

With Bookimed, you receive only direct prices without any hidden payments. If any argument occurs between you and a clinic, we help to solve the conflict. Bookimed coordinators always stay in touch with their patients.

International patients, who would like to introduce dental veneers in Turkey, should know that here they can count on a high quality of veneers, an advanced level of service without sparing much expenses. As a result, they experience a cost-effective smile makeover. Usually, the veneers cost 3-4 times lower than in the USA or the UK, and twice cheaper than in Thailand. Even with all expenses, it will be more profitable to head to Turkey, rather than to install veneers in the place of residence.

The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only, is not a guide to action and should not be construed as medical advice or treatment recommendations by All decisions about the choice of treatment methods and medical care should be made only by a specialized doctor after studying the patient’s medical case.


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