Veneers in Turkey: In-Depth Guide for Patients

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Updated: 01.04.2021
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A smile is a visit card for every person. Not fashionable clothes or perfect makeup makes people so attractive as even, white, and perfectly-shaped teeth. It is time to do something if when looking at yourself in photos you find your smile unattractive. You understand that you would look more alluring with new teeth. So, the only way to feel confident and look like a star is to install dental veneers, the easiest and fastest option to obtain a brilliant smile. Thousands of people head to the Turkish clinics to improve their teeth by veneer installation. The main reason why Turkey attracts medical tourists from all over the world is its cost-effective offers. For instance, the veneer introduction in Turkey is $150-$180 on average; the same procedure costs $900-$2,000 per one tooth in the UK or the USA. Cut-price veneer procedures are not the only cause why customers jet out to this country to improve their smiles. Keep reading to explore the highs and lows of getting veneers in Turkey, compare the costs, observe patients’ before and after photos, choose a proper clinic and a dentist.

Why Is Turkey a Good Place for Veneers?

For many medical tourists, affordable prices are a primary reason to travel to Turkey for dental veneers. However, there are more advantages for choosing this country to improve your smile:
  • advanced service. Paying less does not mean you receive less, too. In the case of Turkish clinics, you may count on the high level of service. Here, every patient can find options for their comfortable stay: 5-star hotels, spa, city tours, a private driver, etc. What is impressive, some of these services are already included in the dental veneers’ price. Moreover, there is no language barrier for English and Arab speaking visitors: the clinics have vast experience in servicing international patients, the language assistance is provided.
  • packages. The dental veneers packages are the calling card of many clinics across the country. They are a kind of a special offer allowing customers to spare 10-15% of their money. It implies the cost for veneers in Turkey contains hotel settlement, regular airport transfer, and interpreter’s escort to overcome the language barrier.
  • high quality. People normally think that the low cost can be related to the bad quality. In the case with the Turkish dental centers, it is nothing more than a stereotype. Local dentists apply the same techniques and materials to produce veneers as their American or European colleagues. A cheaper cost is caused by the country’s general policy, lower doctors’ and other staff salaries.
So, by selecting Turkey for veneer placement, you save money, obtain high-quality procedures, and just relax, experiencing a high-level service.

How Much Does Veneers Cost?

Despite numerous advantages of having veneers in Turkey, the cost of the procedure still remains the number one question. Compared to other countries, Turkey provides an opportunity to get dental veneers much cheaper:

Turkey$150 - $300
Thailand$320 - $500
Korea$800 - $900
the United States$900 - $2,000
the United Kingdom$900 - $1,300

*The pointed costs are approximate. They can vary depending on many factors.

Consider below what factors can affect the price for veneers in Turkey:

  • types of veneers. There are two main types of veneers used in Turkey: composite and porcelain ones. The composite front surface units service 5-7 years on average and costs about $120-$250 depending on the clinic. The porcelain veneers service 10-15 years, requires special equipment for their production, so their price increases up to $350 per one tooth
  • a number of veneers. It seems that if a patient requires a fewer number of veneers, the price will be lower. But in reality, it is cheaper by the dozen. If you place more than ten dental veneers at once, the clinics frequently provide extra discounts.
  • the clinic’s or a doctor’s prominence. Medical centers and dentists that are widely-known in Turkey or outside its borders typically ask for higher costs and fees. So, if your aim is to maximum spare your money, select less popular clinics but with positive people’s reviews.
  • conditions of stay. There is a difference between staying in a 4 or a 5-star hotel and using a regular transfer or in the private car. So, all these advanced services reflect in the total price.

You can get a precise cost of a veneer procedure only after requesting a clinic for the price calculation. Every case is individual, so the final cost also ranges.

Dental Veneer Deals in Turkey


How Much is a Full Set of Veneers in Turkey Cost

The cost starts from $80 for a veneer. Package price offers. Compare the deals, choose a clinic, and a doctor. Book the most convenient date for a veneer procedure in Turkey.

Reviews, Before and After Photos

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words. A customer can read a lot about the benefits of getting veneers in Turkey. Still, it is challenging to decide on doing a procedure overseas without observing the real patients’ experience. So, every patient’s first step must start from searching for people’s reviews and before-after photos to see the final result after veneer placement. 

You can find verified reviews and pictures on, some thematic communities, and official clinics’ sites. Note that some dental centers are interested in attracting more patients and can fake reviews or customers’ photos. Due to this, we would recommend exploring the people’s experience on the independent sources.

Before booking a dental centre or making an appointment with a dentist, always read the reviews: you will find out the quality level of a veneer procedure performed, service, names of doctors who can properly manage a dental veneer installation.

Below you can see some photos provided by Bookimed partner dental clinics in Turkey:


Before and After Results of Veneers in Turkey


Patient reviews on hair transplant

The patient underwent hair transplant in Adem and Havva Medical Center
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Not on the general topic on which there was consulted, I turn to them veneers and they pull teeth out

Who are the Best Dentists for Veneers?

The doctor’s qualification determines the result’s quality of having veneers in Turkey. A dentist must know technical aspects of veneer production in detail, have an esthetic taste, provide dental treatment, and carefully prepare teeth for a dental veneer installation. 

An international visitor should pay attention to these aspects while choosing cosmetic dentists in Turkey for the veneers procedure:

  • experience. A dentist should have at least 10 years of confirmed experience under his/her belt in cosmetic dentistry. Carefully check the doctor’s CV, paying attention to the education and previous or current workplaces.
  • practice. The leading dentists must stay on top of the latest developments in cosmetic dentistry. Due to these, many Turkish dentists participate in international conferences, and promote their skills abroad to update their knowledge about modern veneer techniques.
  • reviews. Nothing can tell you more than the opinion of those patients who have already had veneers in a Turkish clinic. These people share their impressions about dental work, boasting about their good results or warning new customers. 
  • before and after photos. The top dentists will not hide their dental works, so they demonstrate the results their patients have experienced. So, check out the photos to decide whether you want to have the same result.
  • price. Low cost seems attractive, but it is better to avoid very cheap offers. Good veneer dentists usually do not decrease their fees with the purpose of attracting new clients.

Among the good dentists to manage a veneer procedure in Turkey are: Dr. Emrah Ipek, Dr. Can Tokman, Dr. Hakan Kaval, etc.

Ertan Etemoglu
Ertan Etemoglu
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Ertan Etemoglu been in practice for over 25 years with a proven track record.
Melike Kasap
Melike Kasap
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Dr. Melike Kasap is a dentist specialized in pulpitis treatment and conservative oral cavity therapy without tooth extraction. Also performs tooth enamel restoration, dental recontouring, veneers and jaw implants placement.
Can Tokman
Can Tokman
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Can Tokman is a specialist with 30 years of practice in dentistry. The doctor is a founder of Istanbul Esthetic & Implant Dentistry clinic.

What are the Top Veneers’ Clinics in Turkey?

When a patient starts planning a dental veneers journey in Turkey, it is necessary to monitor all clinics located in the big cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara. There are hundreds of such facilities in the country, so patients often feel confused about choosing places to get veneers. Keep the following advice if you would like to pick a clinic for having composite or porcelain veneers:
  • clinic’s reputation. Start with exploring the clinic’s certificates: it is great when a dental center has got approval from ADA or other international institutions. If a clinic owns numerous approvals from the Turkish medical organizations, this also is a pronounced approval of high treatment standards in a clinic.
  • reviews. Nothing is more eloquent than positive patients’ reviews. Of course, you can find some negative experiences in any clinic. However, the number of satisfied patients must be higher. After reading the reviews, you will find out the high and lows of a veneer procedure and a clinic, the level of service provided, the leading doctors, and some issues you can face during your veneer trip in Turkey.
  • before-after pictures. Pay special attention to before and after photos of customers who have had a veneer procedure in a particular clinic. If you do not like the outcome, the best way for people is to search for options where you could obtain a completely satisfying result.
  • level of service provided. Find out what additional services a clinic offers. Some medical facilities provide a free hotel stay, arrange airport transfer, and an interpreter’s maintenance. These extra options allow saving you some money additionally.
  • prices. Consider those veneer clinics that propose medium-priced offers for a veneer procedure. Of course, some great discounts can take place, but a very cheap veneer installation can be a sign of bad quality. When you find attractive deals, check out the patients’ reviews and search for as much info as possible about a clinic to make sure it provides dental services at a high level.
Among the clinics for veneers in Turkey that correspond to the above-mentioned demands are DentaGlobal, Estetik International, Istanbul Esthetic & Implant Dentistry, Dental Estetik Center.

How is a Veneer Procedure Processed?

The Turkish clinics provide installation of porcelain, composite, laminate veneers  (lumineers), and E.max units. Veneers are one of the easiest and fastest ways to change your teeth and make a smile perfect. They provide a long-lasting result, and you can enjoy your renovated teeth for at least 10 years. So, no one even notices a difference between dental veneers and your natural teeth.

The process of installation of dental veneers in Turkey is the same as in the USA, the UK, or other well-developed countries. It consists of the succeeding steps:

  1. During the first appointment, a patient comes to a dental clinic. A cosmetic dentist surveys teeth, makes an X-ray. If there is a need, he/she provides dental treatments to remove caries and other dental problems. Then, a specialist carefully eliminates the enamel from the tooth front surface. 
  2. When preparation is over, a dentist checks the dental records of your natural teeth and models the design of the veneers. After that, temporary layers are produced within 2-3 hours and put on the places where the enamel was removed from your teeth.
  3. Your doctor delivers dental records in the laboratory to produce your porcelain or laminate veneers made of certified and quality material; there is no need to manufacture composite shells; they are placed during your first visit. 
  4. Porcelain units or lumineers will be ready in 48 hours. During this term, you can      attend some shopping tours in Turkey and enjoy the local places of interest.
  5. In 2 days, you see a doctor again. For 2-3 visits, a specialist completely finishes a veneer procedure and you can return home with your perfect smile makeover.

Typically, completing the whole set of above-mentioned dental procedures usually takes about 4-5 days. So, consider this issue when you book the flight tickets back. After getting back home, you can lead your usual lifestyle. There is no need to follow some special advice to take care of your new smile, except to avoid biting a solid food by front teeth and be more attentive to dental hygiene.


The global dental market is growing extremely fast: it is predicted that by the end of 2021, its value will be estimated at 37 billion dollars. Due to this, more and more new dental centers appear across the world, dumping the market and offering dental procedures cheaper. One among such places where customers can find cost-effective dental procedures (veneers, dental implants, crowns) is Turkey. Getting veneers in Turkey is a prominent opportunity for international patients to save some money, receive a high-quality veneers procedure, and enjoy an advanced service. It seems that there are only advantages to visiting Turkey for experiencing dental veneers. Nevertheless, you should remember that you can benefit from all the above-mentioned issues only by selecting a cosmetic dentistry clinic with a perfect reputation and positive customers’ feedback. For medical tourists, who plan their first veneers trip in Turkey, we would recommend arranging the trip only with Bookimed assistance. Our team has already served over 510,000 international patients, so we know what dental clinics can offer cost-effective veneer procedures. Contact us, and we will provide all info about clinics, dentists, prices absolutely for free. We will stay in touch with you for 24 hours during your dental trip in Turkey to assist in solving unforeseen situations. With us, your dental journey will be safe, with maximum profit. All that is left for is to obtain the smile of your dream and enjoy a long-lasting result.


The cost of a full set of veneers depends on the type of preferred dental shells. On average, it will cost about $3,500-$4,500 depending on a clinic and services provided. You can receive an individual cost calculation via request on Bookimed.

Dental veneers in Turkey are 3-4 times cheaper compared to the United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand, etc. For comparison, the price for a veneer in the USA is $1,500 on average, while in Turkey, it is only $150-$300.

Typically the prices are 3-4 times less than in Europe, the USA, the UK, etc. It is possible to calculate the precise price only by knowing what dental procedure you need: treatment, placing veneers, crowns or implants.


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