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Published 31.08.2021

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How much are dental implants in Mexico in 2021?

Dentists in Mexico note that 90% of their patients are from the United States or Canada, and about 5% from Europe. It is common for foreigners to travel across the border to Mexico for teeth work, especially for American and Canadian citizens looking for top-notch treatments, including advanced dental implant procedures at low cost. 

Mexico is the second country worldwide in the field of medical tourism and the first one within Latin America in terms of the number of foreign patients. According to Patients Beyond Borders, from 1.4 million to 3 million foreign tourists are treated in the country every year.

Besides, the United Mexican States is the first in the world in the segment of dental tourism, conforming to Miguel Torruco Marqués, the Minister of Tourism in Mexico.

Why do thousands of patients choose Mexico for dental implant procedures?

Mexico is among the top ten countries where international patients travel to receive therapeutic or preventive treatment. Some factors drive the strong growth of the dental tourism industry in Mexico. Among them are:

  • Distance — Mexico’s proximity to the United States and Canada makes it attractive to the residents of these countries seeking tooth care. Travel costs are low, and patients can quickly move between countries.
  • Quality — the World Health Organization estimates that Mexican teeth centers are similar in service and infrastructure to dental clinics in the United States. The local facilities offer their patients dental tours that include accommodation and post-operative care away from urban areas near the beaches.
  • Affordability — the price of dental implants in Mexico is 50-80% lower than in the US on average. The lack of insurance explains the cost-effectiveness of tooth implants here for dentistry in the United States or Canada and the lower living wage in Mexico.
  • Warrant — trustworthy Mexican dental clinics specialized in dental implants provide their patients with a quality guarantee for dental implants. Therefore, it is essential to check the clinic’s brand name and qualification before traveling.
  • Language — most local doctors are fluent in English.
  • Waiting time — choosing Mexico, you do not need to delay the full mouth dental implants; your dental trip can be arranged in 1 day, unlike in Britain, where you have to wait in a long queue to get dental implants.
  • Climate — the country has a wonderfully mild environment that boosts rehabilitation and recovery.

Savings on dental implants in Mexico versus other countries

When choosing the United Mexican States for tooth implants, you can expect to pay 50-70% less than in your home country. For example, the same full mouth reconstruction procedure without quality loss is much more expensive in American dental implants clinics compared to Mexican ones. See for yourself.

Procedure Mexico USA Approximate savings Canada Approximate savings UK Approximate savings

Single dental implant

from $680 from $1,500 55% from $3,000 77% from $3,350 80%

All-on-4 dental implants

from $4,500 app. $25,000 82% app. $23,000 80% from $17,000 74%

All-on-6 dental implants

from $11,300 from $30,000 62% from $29,000 61% from $28,700 61%
Prices for the teeth implantation are provided by Bookimed partner clinics and are approximate. Accordingly, the cost and the percentage of savings may vary depending on the dental implants clinic’s pricing policy and the patient’s individual case. The expenses for the dental implant procedure are indicated without a discount. Check the availability of discounts and special offers on

Why is the cost of dental implants in Mexico lower than in other countries?

Dental implant surgery prices in Mexico can be up to 80% lower than in the USA or Canada. But why? Several factors have contributed to the low prices for teeth implants in this Latin American country. Among them:
  • The real estate. Rental costs are usually included in the final dental implantation bill by default. Real estate prices in the United States are higher than in Mexico, so the dental bill is higher too.
  • Dental laboratory. Mexican specialists use imported materials produced by Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Zimmer Biomet, etc. to develop implants — from the USA, Israel, and Europe. But the production itself takes place in Mexico and is several times cheaper than in the USA due to the lower labor costs and the salary of the master. Many American dentists send their lab work to Mexico.
  • Dentist salary. According to the American Dental Association, a dental surgeon in the United States makes about $40 per hour. And this cost is already included in the check. Salaries of dentists in Mexico are about $20 per hour. Wages are lower; then the bill is less. At the same time, Mexican doctors sometimes have even more experience than their American colleagues.
  • Dental education. The American Dental Association notes that dental education expenses in the US are $35,000-$70,000 per year that is very expensive for most Americans. In Mexico, education is on the same level but about $30,000 per five years.
  • Insurance. In contrast with the United States, there are no medical insurance requirements for institutions, medical centers, or even Mexican patients. Depending on your financial capabilities, you can get into any medical facility — private or public. According to CBS News, in the United States, medical insurance does not cover any dental treatment cost. But the same insurance may cover some of the dental procedures in Mexico. This is one of the main reasons why dental practices are cheaper in this Latin American country.
  • Single dental implant — specialists place the fixture using the transgingival approach (without incision of the gums) with a crown’s installation within one week. The operation is suitable for those patients who have only one tooth missing. The average one tooth implantation cost in Mexico is $1,200.
  • Placing a dental implant with a crown — one of the common strategies of teeth installation speaking of the absence of one or more teeth. The doctors carried out this technique in two steps: implantation of a titanium root and prosthetics. After insertion into the jawbone, specialists close the implant with a cover screw until complete engraftment. After 2 weeks, the dentist in Mexico places an abutment instead of the cover screw and stabilizes a single crown or denture. The United Mexican States is the world’s most reasonable point for the dental implant with a crown placement — the median cost is $1,000.
  • All-on-4 teeth implantation — a patented development of Nobel Biocare, involves installing four implants in the oral cavity, on which the fixture of all jaw teeth is stabilized. The peculiarity of this full mouth reconstruction method is the implants’ location that holds the artificial lateral teeth — they are placed at an angle of 45 degrees without affecting the maxillary sinuses. All-on-Four is a useful technique for people with several missing teeth and in the situation when it is impossible to build up bone tissue because of the body characteristics. $10,000 is the standard price of the All-on-4 technique in Mexico. However, the local clinics offer special dental implants packages that cost about $8,000 and contain all services needed.
  • All-on-6 tooth prosthetics — an improved version of All-on-Four dental implant performed for people with missing teeth. During the All-on-six procedure, dental surgeons fix two vertical rods in front and four in the chewing zone at an angle of 60 degrees. This method’s main advantage and the difference from the All-on-4 dental implants technique is an equal distribution of the load when chewing. On average, All-on-6 dental implant placement in Mexico costs $12,000.

How much do dental implants cost in Mexico?

The cost of dental implants in Mexico varies from $680 to $16,000, mainly depending on the implant placement method, number of teeth to be fixed, and additional services. It is at least 50% lower than in the USA. In some cases, savings can reach 80%.

The cost of a dental implant in the country also depends on the number of dentist visits. After the initial visit and examination, the dentist in Mexico provides a patient with an individual treatment plan, an approximate number of visits, and costs.

The price of the dental implants already includes the cost of the implant itself. To date, Mexico does not manufacture its own implant systems but uses exclusively American-made implants. They are overpriced and high-quality, so the patient saves only on the dentist’s work.

Pay attention that if there are any changes during the process, the additional dental procedures are paid additionally. But the doctor warns about such complications beforehand. Remember that you may need at least two return flights (road trips) to Mexico plus living expenses

Dental implant packages in Mexico

As you read earlier, the implantation cost depends on the method and the number of teeth to be installed. For example, the average price of an All-in-Four method is $10,000 — it includes the dental implant surgery itself, doctor’s services, and implants.

Expensive? Special dental implants packages offered by Mexican clinics are the best way to save even more. The typical dental implant tour package includes:

  • all the necessary medical services
  • doctor’s consultations
  • tooth implantation itself
  • transfer from/to the airport
  • discounts on accommodation 


And all this you get for $8,000 on average. The only disadvantage of such packages is the limitation in their validity period. Therefore, you should clarify the availability of packages and their conditions beforehand.


Usually, patients choosing Mexico for dental implants want to combine treatment with vacation, so they stay in the country for a week or two. There are several options for accommodation in Mexico:

  • A hotel is the most common option where you can stay while traveling. There are hundreds of them in Mexico so that you can choose the most suitable choice for you in terms of price and comfort. Also, you get a significant discount from the dental clinic for hotel accommodation by purchasing the dental implant package.
  • An apartment is an excellent option for those who want variety and authenticity. Renting an apartment from the locals is always interesting. There is an opportunity to communicate with the owner and completely immerse yourself in the country’s atmosphere, living not in a standard hotel but the real place of an ordinary Mexican resident.
  • A house/villa is an outstanding variant for those looking for the greatest comfort, planning a vacation with their family, or wanting a secluded getaway. You can find houses for different tastes — with a sea view, a swimming pool and much more. This option is the most attractive and the most expensive as well.

Dental implants aftercare

The dental implants aftercare rules depend on the number of implanted teeth and the complexity of the dental implant treatment. At this step, it is essential to follow the doctor’s recommendations as it helps to avoid serious consequences. Of course, after the surgery, the dentist gives individual pieces of advice to the patient, but there are several that are suitable for everyone:

  • Apply cold compresses to narrow blood vessels, relieve swelling, reduce bleeding and reduce the risk of inflammation. In the first hours after the full mouth implants, the person can apply compresses every 30 minutes, then up to 6 times a day.
  • Brush your teeth. Proper oral care reduces the risk of complications. Use a soft brush and gently brush your teeth without pressing on the gum at the implantation site.
  • Take antibiotics. Follow your doctor’s advice. If the dentist has prescribed antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, or dental paste for you, apply them. Medicines will reduce the risk of complications and speed up the healing process.
  • Rinsing your mouth is recommended to do in 3-4 days after the surgery on getting dental implants. For rinsing, use the products your doctor prescribes.
  • Follow a diet. Avoid solid food as it can injure the wound and slow down the healing process. Do not eat spicy, hot, and cold foods to avoid increased blood flow or tissue regeneration slowing down. It is better not to eat for 2-3 hours immediately after the full mouth implants. This food restriction will speed up recovery and reduce the risk of injury — if you start eating under anesthesia, you may accidentally bite your cheek or tongue.
  • Control your well-being. Monitor your body temperature and check if there are any signs of edema, inflammation, hematomas, discomfort. If you notice any complications, contact your dentist to avoid serious consequences.

Payment options

Mexican dental clinics provide international patients with the opportunity to choose the most convenient form of payment:

  • in cash directly in the dental clinic
  • by credit card
  • bank transaction.


Please note that you only pay for the dental implant program in a specific Mexican clinic. Bookimed travel arrangements are free for every patient.

How long does a dental implant operation in Mexico take?

On average, the teeth installation takes about 35-40 minutes per one implant. The time required for dental implantation depends on the method, the number of teeth to be inserted, and their jaw position. Thus, the dental implants operation takes from an hour to 3 hours. During one dental implant procedure, a dentist can place from 1 to 10 implants. Usually, medical tourists need 1-2 sessions, which takes about a week of staying in the country. 

What to do if you have a problem with your dental implants?

Many patients are afraid of complications after dental implantation in Mexico. The most serious among the possible is implant rejection. However, it is so rare that it happens in 5–10% of cases. Besides, Mexican doctors give a guarantee for dental implants for up to 5 years. This means that if something goes wrong with the implant, you can go to the same clinic, and the dental surgeon will replace the implant utterly free of charge.

It is necessary to distinguish between complications and consequences of surgery as tissue trauma. It is normal to feel discomfort after the dental implant procedure. However, if you feel pain or other embarrassing processes, contact your doctor as soon as possible.


Mexico is a leader in the dental tourism segment over the globe. About 3 million people choose this country to renew their smile every year. One of the most demanded procedures is dental implant one. Mexico is now associated with the affordability and superior quality of dental implants. Prices here are on average 75% lower than in the USA or Canada and this is without quality loss. Special dental packages allow you to save even more. They are available in many Mexican teeth clinics and include all the necessary services at a reasonable price. And besides, Mexico is a great option for combining dental implantation and first-class vacation.


At least 7-10 days before the dental implants, each patient must pass the necessary laboratory tests and undergo a complete body examination. The preoperative tests required for dental implants usually include:

  • X-ray of teeth
  • Complete blood count
  • General urine analysis
  • Blood tests for HIV, hepatitis, and AIDS
  • Blood tests for hormone levels
  • Rh factor blood test.

Mexico is one of the top tourism destinations, that’s why dental implants in Mexico are entirely safe. But only in case if you choose trusted clinics and doctors. Please note that a clinic of your destination must have a dental work permit, national and international accreditations, new equipment. Before visiting a clinic, it is beneficial to read reviews about it, where people share their experiences and impressions of the clinic and service.

Of course, searching for all this information on the Internet is quite tricky and time-consuming. Therefore, you can use Bookimed, the medical platform, where only verified Mexican clinics and doctors, reviews of real patients, photos before/after the procedure are presented.

Mexico is a leading destination for dental tourists and among the cheapest countries for dental implants worldwide. The dental implants price starts from $680 per tooth that is 55% lower than in the United States and 80% lower than in the United Kingdom.


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