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How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost In 2021?

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Updated: 22.10.2021
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Tummy tuck is among the most sought-after plastic surgeries procedures worldwide list. About 1,000,000 million people do tummy tuck every year — 2 procedures start processing every minute. And you can also join these people with flat tummies and become one more happy person enjoying their reflection in the mirror. 

Keep reading to find out how much a tummy tuck surgery costs in different countries and where you can get the most profitable options.

What Is the Average Cost of Tummy Tuck?

According to the Bookimed International Medical Tourism Platform, the average price for abdominoplasty is $5,050. The same time, the lowest cost for a procedure starts from $1,000. You can find the most affordable offers in the clinics located in Turkey or Mexico. If the price is not a key factor and you want to obtain world- class service, consider having a tummy tuck in the US or some European medical centers — the prices there reach up to $24,600.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons provides alternative price fluctuations: in the USA, the average cost of a tummy tuck is $6,154, conforming to the statistics of 2020

The difference between the data of these two sources is explained by the fact that Bookimed provides statistics collected from the clinics located in 30+ countries, while the ASPS informs about the pricing in the US medical facilities only.

What Is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck, also referred to abdominoplasty, is an operation to remove excess fat deposits and tighten loose skin on the stomach area. Tummy tuck is indicated for those people who cannot get in shape after childbirth or extremely fast weight loss; who have some scarring or stretch marks. It is impossible to correct these imperfections with proper nutrition or physical activity. Only surgery is a way to make the abdomen area tighten and flat again.

Brief Tummy Cost Guide


  • the minimum cost — $1,000
  • the average cost — $5,050
  • the maximum cost — $24,600.


  • diagnostics
  • anesthesia 
  • medical consumables
  • doctor’s fee
  • post-surgery clothing
  • 1 night of stay in a clinic.


  • the surgery type: a mini or classic tummy tuck
  • doctor’s experience 
  • the country, where you have surgery 
  • travel expenses.


  • the average price is $6,154


  • mini tummy tuck — from $1,000
  • classic (or “full”) tummy tuck — from $3,000 to $24,600
  • tummy tuck+liposuction —from $4,000.



  • Turkey — $4,200
  • Mexico — $4,700
  • Thailand — $5,150
  • United States — $6,150
  • Germany — $7,000
  • United Kingdom — $8,300
  • South Korea — $11,000
  • Israel — $18,000

What Factors Do Impact the Tummy Tuck Cost?

Check out the primary factors and the cost components pointed below that may drastically affect the price:
  • A type of surgery: a mini tummy tuck will cost less compared to a full tummy tuck that requires a more complicated approach and extended time for an operation. A doctor may also offer some additional interventions such as liposuction to achieve a desirable result.
Surgery type Impact on price
Mini tummy tuck Lower cost due to smallest operated area
Full tummy tuck Higher price because the extended area of the abdomen is involved
Liposuction A procedure can be a part or tummy tuck cost or calculated additionally — plus 20-40%.
  • Surgeon’s experience. The board-certified doctors with a vast experience of abdominoplasty processing usually ask for a higher fee compared to those surgeons who have just started their career. Prefer picking experienced doctors to manage your surgery even if the final cost will be a little higher.
  • The country where you intend to have abdominoplasty. The price for a tummy tuck may differ up to 3 times, depending on a country where you will undergo an operation. Each state has its own price policy regarding medical services, so by picking the country with the most affordable prices you may save about 50-60% of your budget.
  • Medical services covered. Some clinics may point the price only for a tummy tuck without some medical services related to an operation. Always ask whether the price includes payments for an anesthesia, an anesthesiologist’s fee, medical consumables.
  • Accommodation. Some clinics provide accommodation for a patient, but in some cases you pay for a stay from your pocket.
  • Travel expenses. Calculate not only the expenses related to your surgery. Flight tickets, meals, a taxi or transport may significantly affect the final cost of your tummy tuck.
It is possible to calculate the final price only after a consultation with a doctor and reviewing your medical case. Submit a request on the Bookimed website to get a free cost calculation of a tummy tuck for you.

Additional Tummy Tuck Related Costs

When you start checking the prices for a tummy tuck, you should take into account that the lowest price does not always mean the most profitable for you. Some services or additional expenses cannot be included in the final bill. Among the services paid extra may be:

  • pre- and post-op consultation with a doctor
  • medical exams before surgery
  • anesthesia
  • compression garment put after abdominoplasty
  • accommodation.

Some clinics include these items into the initial price or provide them as a bonus for a patient. However, some plastic surgery centers can require you to pay extra for the listed services. Ask your doctor beforehand what services you should pay additionally to calculate your budget properly.

How Much Do Different Types of a Tummy Tuck Cost in Different Countries?

Each country represents a unique price policy that regulates internal goods and services cost. Medicine and plastic surgery is not an exception. So, depending on the country where the clinic is located, a tummy tuck cost may vary significantly. For instance, Turkish medical facilities offer abdominoplasty for $4,100 on average including all expenses, while American ones — $6,150, and British ones — $7,100, without covering additional charges. Below you can compare the prices of different tummy tuck surgery types in some countries. Note that the represented costs are approximate; they may change due to currency fluctuations and price revision in the clinics.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost Around the World?

A global tummy tuck cost comparison:

Czech Republic$2,150-$3,050
Spain$5,550- $13,000
Czech Republic$2,150-$3,050


TurkeyMexicoThailandGermany USAUK
Mini tummy tuck$2,500from $3,100 $5,100upon request$5,500$8,300
Full tummy tuck$4,100$4,700$5,100$7,000 $8,000$7,100-$10,000
Tummy tuck+liposuction$4,500$4,700-$7,200$5,100$7,000$17,000upon request

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost Across the United States?

The price for a tummy tuck in the USA ranges within $4,000-$18,000, depending on the state and surgery complexity. Check the price comparison below to find out where you can find the most beneficial abdominoplasty offers within the USA.

A tummy tuck cost by states:

New York$9,000-$14,000

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost in the United Kingdom?

The average cost of abdominoplasty in the United Kingdom fluctuates within £4,500- £6,000, and reaches up to £9,000 according to the data of the British plastic surgery clinics. The pointed prices do not include expenses for a surgeon’s consultation and related charges.

Package Prices for a Tummy Tuck

What is a package, and how can I benefit?

Bookimed partner clinics provide deals and special package prices for our patients, covering all expenses related to a tummy tuck. The cost of packages is usually more profitable for a customer than buying all the services separately: the offers allow saving about 15-30%.

Package price usually includes:

  • a full tummy tuck procedure
  • liposuction
  • consultation with a doctor
  • medical tests
  • 1 night of a hospital stay
  • accommodation
  • transfer
  • compression garments (optional)
  • meals (optional).

Note that the deals are of limited duration and can include varying sets of services. Contact Bookimed to find out what packages are available right now and how much you can save.

Check out for tummy tuck offers and packages provided by the clinics located in different countries:

Abdominoplasty Packages

AbdominoplastyMexico, Mexico City
Abdominoplasty Mexico, Mexicali

Does Health Insurance Cover the Cost of a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck surgery is considered an esthetic procedure, so health insurance does not cover the expenses. It means that you should pay for all charges related to an operation from your pocket.

The only exception when the health insurance provider can compensate for some money is when abdominoplasty is performed for a medical purpose. For instance, a patient requires breast reconstruction with the fat transfer. During an operation, a surgeon performs a tummy tuck to take some fat deposits from the abdomen and replaces them into breasts. This type of intervention is pretty rare and requires specific indications.

So, if you have a limited budget but truly want to obtain the body of your dream, you should pick those clinics that offer the most affordable prices or special discounts. But in pursuit of low cost, do not forget about the quality tummy tuck aspect that can be achieved only if a highly-skilled surgeon manages an operation.

Submit a request on Bookimed, and our coordinators will help to pick the most proper offers according to your preferences and budget.

Tummy Tuck with Bookimed

Why is the procedure abroad the best option?

There are 3 primary points to experience abdominoplasty abroad:

  • Lower prices. Patients from the USA, UK, and other European countries may postpone having the tummy tuck procedure because of high prices offered in the local clinics. Turkish and Mexican plastic surgery centers are ready to perform the same quality surgery but 2-3 times cheaper. 
  • Top surgeons. Plastic surgery specialty is developing fast but not in every country. Sometimes, it is challenging to find enough experienced doctors within your country of residence. International clinics with focus on medical tourists employ highly-skilled surgeons with proven experience.
  • Advanced service. It is crucial to feel comfortable and relaxed after having plastic surgery, especially a complex one such as a tummy tuck. Reputable medical centers maintain their service on a high level satisfying all patients’ needs. They provide comfortable hospital rooms, transfer, language assistance, 24/7 support and care.

How to Start Today with Bookimed

To arrange your tummy tuck journey with Bookimed, follow these steps:

Submit a request on the Bookimed website.
Our medical coordinator will contact you back to answer all questions regarding a tummy tuck trip arrangement.
You will receive detailed information about the clinics, doctors, and prices.
Pick the most proper offer for you.
A Bookimed medical coordinator schedules a convenient date of your arrival to a clinic, books tickets, and a hotel.
You arrive at a clinic and get your surgery.


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