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Fahad Mawlood

Published 30.04.2021

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Korean Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos and Patient Reviews

Plastic surgery today is the most popular way to get the body of the dream and improve appearance. Each aesthetic procedure relies on the main criterion — satisfaction with the result. And this certainly applies to both the plastic surgeon and the patient. People have different ideas about beauty and they are not the same depending on countries and continents. Therefore, there are no clear criteria for beauty in plastic surgery. The specialist is guided by the patients’ desire and their preferences.

What can Korean Plastic Surgery Give?

  • Plastic surgery can help you to look at yourself in a new way, feel confident and attractive, provide new opportunities for self-improvement.
  • Choosing the country for aesthetic procedures, you will receive excellent service at a lower cost than in Europe or the United States. Approximate savings are up to 40%.
  • Plastic surgery in South Korea is an opportunity to get the desired result in a shorter period of time — doctors perform hundreds of operations every day, have a lot of experience, and achieve amazing results (see below).
  • Getting plastic surgery in the Republic of Korea is possible to combine treatment with vacation. During the rehabilitation period and waiting for the result, you will be able to get to know South Korea, its inhabitants and culture, and taste exotic food.

How Long Will It Take to See Results After Plastic Surgery in Korea?

The amount of time you need to wait to see the desired result depends on the type of plastic surgery and the volume of work performed.

Before answering this question, Korean doctors conduct all the necessary examinations. Then they develop an individual plan for each patient based on the results of the diagnosis and the wishes of the person. And only after a detailed assessment of the patient’s condition, the doctor will tell you the approximate amount of time to obtain the desired result.

This period also depends on the characteristics of the patient and the presence of complications after surgery. To avoid complications, choose an experienced doctor and certified clinic. You can find the recognized best clinics in South Korea in the Bookimed specialized directory.

How to Get the Desired Result After Cosmetic Surgery in the Republic of Korea?

Before deciding on plastic surgery, patients need to know how to protect themselves from possible complications and effects, since any surgical intervention is dangerous to the life and health of the patient.

There are two main criteria that can minimize these risks as much as possible:

  • Clinic selection

Make sure that the clinic has permission and a license to conduct medical practice, national and international certificates confirming a high level of medical services.

  • Doctor selection

The higher the qualification of the plastic surgeon, the more chances of success and achieving the desired result. Choose a plastic surgeon by reading about his/her education, qualifications, experience, membership in specialized organizations that prove their continuous professional development. Don’t forget to look at the before/after portfolio of procedures performed.

Korean Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos from Patients

Facial surgeries

Results of anti-aging therapy in combination with face & neck lifting performed at JK Plastic Surgery Center.
Before & after V-Line operation, cheekbone reduction and rhinoplasty conducted in View Plastic Surgery Hospital.
The girl before and after blepharoplasty (eyelid correction) and rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) carried out at JK Plastic Surgery Center.
The boy transformation after Nano Jaws, V-Line operation, cheekbone reduction, forehead correction, and eyelid plastic surgery performed in View Plastic Surgery Hospital.
Outcome after nose job, face contouring and eyelid surgery conducted in Banobagi Clinic.
Before/after plastic surgery with Nano Jaws, V-Line plastic surgery, cheekbone reduction and forehead correction carried out in View Plastic Surgery Hospital.
Results of the facial cosmetic operation performed in Seoul Queen Plastic Surgery.

Body Correction Procedures

A result of vaser liposuction and abdominal lift performed at JK Plastic Surgery Center.
A woman before and after liposuction carried out in Banobagi Clinic.
Outcome of lipo performed in Seoul Queen Plastic Surgery.

Breast Surgeries

Breasts before and after plastic surgery with Motiva implants & lipofilling conducted at JK Plastic Surgery Center.
Results of the breast augmentation with Motiva implants performed in Banobagi Clinic.


Before choosing a clinic and a doctor for plastic surgery, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the before/after photos, because each cosmetic doctor has own specific style that is not suitable for everyone. Before & after images show the patients’ outcome, give an idea of what result you can expect after the operation, and help choose the right plastic surgery specialist.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much plastic surgery costs in South Korea primarily depends on the type of operation. For example, the cost of rhinoplasty or nose job varies from $800 to $8,500 (depending on the method and volume of intervention), blepharoplasty $1,000-$6,600 (double eyelid surgery will be more expensive), liposuction $2,000-$24,500 (depending on the number of zones that need to be corrected) and so on. The prices of the procedure you are interested in can be found in the Bookimed plastic surgery catalog. In any case, prices for plastic in Korea are lower than in Europe or the United States — the average American saves up to 45%.
Seoul is recognized as the world capital of plastic surgery. Although South Korea is still behind the United States and Brazil in the number of procedures, the country is invincible in terms of the number of operations per person. Blepharoplasty ( double eyelid surgery) is the most popular cosmetic procedure. Eyelid surgeries in Korea are performed so often that their attitude is comparable to a regular visit to the dentist. Almost one and a half million (out of fifty living in the country) people had blepharoplasty. Asians have a predisposition for an overhanging upper eyelid without a fold. Therefore, many people undergo surgery to achieve a double eyelid, lengthen the incision slightly to make the eye larger, and lower the outer angle to look less aggressive.
Actresses and singers from South Korea are genuinely obsessed with their appearance. Almost all of them changed their appearance — they increased their eyes’ size, changed the shape of their nose, correct face, and a smile. Among the most famous are So Yi-hyun, Kim Yoo-jin, Nam Gyu-ri, Goo Hara, Kang Min-kyung. Plastic surgery, especially blepharoplasty and jaw correction, is also popular with media men. Even the former President of Korea, Roh Moo Hyun, released an official statement about his eyelid correction surgery.
Yes, plastic surgery in Korea is safe. Due to a large number of operations performed daily, Korean plastic surgeons have vast experience. They use innovative technologies and minimally invasive techniques to minimize complications and speed up the recovery process. Besides, good plastic surgery clinics in Korea have national and international certificates that confirm the cosmetic procedures’ quality and safety.