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Gastric Sleeve in Mexico: In-Depth Guide for Patients in 2022

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Updated: 14.04.2022
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Health is one of the main priorities for everyone. To be healthy means feeling happy, attractive, and being satisfied with one’s own appearance. According to the data, more than 39% of adults in the world are obsessed or overweight. Thus, they have such serious health conditions as high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or movement disorders. Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the ways to get rid of all these issues. It takes a reduction of the stomach by approximately 80%-85%. As a result, a person eats less and loses excess weight by about 70%. While your stomach becomes less, you turn into a new person once and forever. 

Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve may be performed in any part of the world, but more and more actual patients prefer Mexico. And in 2022 this tendency will continue to gain momentum. Why? Licensed medical centers in Mexico employ board-certified bariatric surgeons and provide excellent healthcare services at affordable prices. Gastric sleeve costs in Mexico are 2-3 times cheaper than in the UK or the USA. Further, you can get the answers on what the sleeve gastrectomy is, who is allowed for gastric sleeve, how much weight patients can lose, how much it costs, and how and where to arrange this procedure in Mexico.

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How Much Does Gastric Sleeve Cost in Mexico?

As for the data from the Bookimed partner clinics in Mexico, the sleeve gastrectomy price here is approximately $5,350. It usually varies from $4,500 to its highest point of $10,000. The accurate price depends on the city, clinic, and doctor’s qualification, equipment, and materials used during life-changing bariatric surgery.

In comparison, the average cost of this procedure in the USA is $14,900, and the sum of $10,000 is for the UK. The Mexican gastric sleeve surgeons will give you the anticipated result, and still the warranty of your new pleasant appearance with the great benefit to your health. 

What’s more, the price of the procedure in Mexico includes an exclusive gastric sleeve surgery package — transfer, hospital stay, gastric sleeve recovery, and more.

What is a Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Nowadays sleeve gastrectomy is very popular among extra-weight persons. Almost 80-90% of patients lose weight within one year as a result of the operation. But what is a gastric sleeve? It is a surgical procedure, also named vertical sleeve surgery. This metabolic surgery involves the reduction of the whole or a large amount of stomach. The procedure is performed with the help of small tools, inserted in the patient’s upper abdomen. 

Gastric sleeve surgery affects the patient’s digestion, slowing it down. The smaller the stomach is, the less food a patient consumes, and excess fat goes away. This procedure also causes some hormonal changes, contributing to rapid weight loss.

Among other results of sleeve gastrectomy, actual patients with a high degree of probability will forget about high cholesterol, obstructive sleep apnea, strokes, and other difficulties connected with excess weight.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The gastric sleeve is an effective weight-loss procedure. But many people with weight problems are doubting if they are good candidates for it. Sure, you can lose weight by means of healthy diet habits, physical exercise, and specific medicines. If you have tried all of that and your body looks almost the same, sleeve gastrectomy stomach surgery is the ideal way to win the fight against obesity. Here are some criteria for becoming one of the gastric sleeve patients:
  •  ineffective attempts to lose weight for a long period of time;
  •  extreme body mass index (BMI) as of 40 or even higher;
  • weight-related health issues, including heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory disorders, hypertension, etc.
Still wondering if you are an appropriate candidate? Leave the request at the Bookimed website and get details within 24 hours for free. You may be asked to provide health-related information (including body mass index, dietitians statements, etc.) to get a relevant medical procedure and significant weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve Prices in Mexican Cities

Mexican obesity clinics demonstrate an 89% success rate for weight loss treatment. The facilities are located across the country and ready to help international patients with overweight treatment. The clinics are equipped with up-to-date medical instruments and have well-trained personnel with huge experience in sleeve gastrectomy. The cost of the procedure depends on the city and varies from $4,250 to $10,000. Here are the average gastric sleeve surgery prices in Mexican towns:

CityGastric Sleeve Average Cost
Mexico City$6,172

You can find more detailed descriptions of each clinic at the Bookimed website, ask the Bookimed team all the questions to choose the right hospital, and get effective weight loss surgery.

What Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Price in Mexico Include?

Mexican clinics have a patient-oriented approach to medical procedures, like gastric sleeve surgeries. Those hospitals fully meet the needs of medical tourists and provide excellent medical care. The price of the gastric sleeve operation includes the following:

Some gastric sleeve surgery cost deals may contain consultation with third-party specialists, accommodation, and transfer to the clinic. But it is still the option. You should be aware and ask for all details before the procedure booking. Besides, the final cost does not include the ticket fees to get from your country to the Mexican hospital.


Benefits of Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

If you are looking for the best option among weight-loss surgeries, gastrectomy causes the least complications. And if you are searching for advantages to getting gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, here they are:

Lower budget. Mexican clinics have pretty affordable prices that allow saving up to 70-80%. But cheaper cost does not affect the quality and desirable result. You become more self-confident owing to your new appearance and self-awareness and still build a money balance.

Distance and flight costs. The state border length between Mexico and the USA is 3,145 km. Nearly one million Americans cross this line to have medical treatment in Mexican clinics. You can get to Mexico from San Diego airport spending only $378 (round-trip) and approximately 3 hours of flight in the journey to a new you.

First-class English-speaking surgeons. Excellent-skilled and top-rated doctors in Mexican clinics provide exceptional operations with patients’ expected weight loss. They perform gastric sleeve surgery in fulfilment with the world-approved programs and have more than 20-years of experience in dealing with foreign patients from the USA, the UK, and others.

How is the Procedure Performed in Mexico?

The certified Mexican clinics perform the gastric sleeve procedure according to the international standards of the Joint Commission International. The whole process includes some stages:


General anaesthesia. Before gastric sleeve surgery is performed, a qualified anaesthetist uses medicines to help you fall into a deep sleep, which means no body movement and the most relaxed muscles for safe operation performance. A ventilator for breathing is used as well during the whole procedure.


Operation. Using minimally invasive techniques, the surgeon gets access to the patient’s stomach, dividing it into two unequal parts, and then removing almost 80% of its outer curved part.


Outcome. The reminded parts are stapled together, creating a stomach with the shape of a banana.

How to Get Cheap Gastric Surgery in Mexico?

Mexico has a deal to propose if you want to get into shape with the help of gastric sleeve surgery, forget the problems related to obesity, save money and still visit new places. 

As for costs, Mexican clinics offer sleeve gastrectomy procedures that are 2-3 times lower in price in comparison with other developed countries. Bookimed has 13 partner clinics in Mexico, specialising in sleeve gastrectomy. Bookimed’s consultants will provide the best offer for the patient and help anytime you need support. 

Besides, some hospitals give discounts for surgery in a limited time — a good chance to save even more.


Mexico is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism, especially for gastric sleeve surgery. Mexican hospitals support cutting-edge technologies, have high-skilled doctors, applying the best medical practices, and provide very competitive prices. Saving up to 80% of expenses you can gain other medical procedures here, visit local sights, and have a recovery in the country with its exotic climate.

Surely, you should be careful in picking up the hospital to avoid possible come-downs. Bookimed takes full responsibility to help you in this matter.

How Bookimed Can Help You

All you need to do to get full instructions on the gastric sleeve in Mexico is to visit the Bookimed website and submit the request. Our team will connect with you in the shortest possible time and give all crucial answers for free with the most acceptable outcome for you. What does it look like?

Yes, it is as easy as you can imagine. Follow the Bookimed guide, get a new appearance and be healthy.


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