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How Much Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost in 2022?

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Updated: 27.05.2022
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Creating a better future for ourselves, once we may be struggling with our own bodies due to obesity. Every 9th person in the world suffers from obesity. If you’ve tried all measures, transformed food habits, made necessary lifestyle changes, and still did not get the required result, then weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve in particular) is what you need.

It is one of the best-proven ways to win the fight against obesity. This operation supposes reduction of the abdomen up to 80% and therefore decreasing of the appetite. Besides, it has a more successful rate in comparison with other weight-loss surgical procedures, such as gastric bypass surgery, because you lose weight gradually and recover quickly. 

After the sleeve gastrectomy bariatric procedure, you may forget about extra weight and cope with comorbidities, like high blood pressure, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, and others.

Thus, gastric sleeve surgery has lots of advantages, i.e. losing 65% of excess weight. However, to gain such results you should lay out $1,700 up to $27,000 depending on the region and intervention complexity. Below you can find all the answers concerning gastric sleeve surgery: where to get the treatment cheaper, what is the range of price and what does it depend on, which stages the operation consists of, how to book a clinic, and make your dream come true in a flash.

How Much is An Average Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost?

Looking for the best medical solution, the cost may be one of the reasons to choose a certain clinic for gastrectomy. According to Bookimed, the average price of gastric sleeve surgery is $7,200 and may be even $27,000 (high-end cost). The point of such a gap is in the doctor’s expertise and the clinic’s reputation, as well as the country. For instance, the average cost of gastrectomy in Turkey is $2,500, in Mexico — $5,350, in Poland — $5,327, in Thailand — $12,940. The highest average prices refer to the US and the UK, which are $14,900 and $10,000 correspondingly.

There are lots of considerations when you select the medical facility for gastric sleeve. But when you are seeking the best price option do not forget to make the result and safety a priority. The Bookimed coordinators will help you to find the most reliable clinic and arrange high-quality treatment at reasonable medical costs.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The gastric sleeve is made under anesthesia with the help of a special medical tool — a laparoscope. The surgeon divides the patient’s stomach into two unequal parts and removes approximately 80% of it. In most cases, patients do not feel huge postoperative pain and may go home in 1-2 days after the recovery period in the hospital, but still, it may last longer. Who is recommended for gastric sleeve surgery? If you have one of these issues, you are a good candidate for the procedure:
  • You cannot lose weight despite the diet and physical activities.
  • You have a high body mass index (40 or higher).
  • You are overweight and cannot get rid of such health problems as diabetes, respiratory disorders, and hypertension due to obesity.
After the surgery, you will pass through a recovery. During this period many patients are recommended to take liquid food exceptionally. It will help your digestive system to resume metabolic processes. And what’s more, you will eat less which will help you to get into shape as soon as possible — from a few months up to a year. You will withdraw from the old version of yourself and start to admire your reflection in the mirror. Although a part of the stomach is removed, it is rather an acquisition than a loss, as you will leave in the past previous eating behaviour and improve health constantly.

What Factors Do Affect the Sleeve Surgery Price?

Prices of gastric sleeve surgery may range depending on the region and the type of clinic. For example, gastrectomy medical expenses in public and private medical facilities are different. Besides, it differs due to the clinics’ equipment, the expertise of the surgeon, and examination fees (including anaesthesia).

The patient’s age and health conditions are also a matter of cost as they may influence the final check. Gastric sleeve cost may also depend on the insurance coverage and the patient’s recovery period — the longer you need to stay in the clinic, the higher the price will be.

What Services Do Vertical Gastric Sleeve Cost Include?

There are lots of crucial factors, influencing the gastric sleeve costs. The gastrectomy is a surgical procedure, implying the loss of a significant amount of the patient’s weight. It requires an initial consultation and some preparatory exams, like liver function tests or psychological evaluation. Thus, weight loss surgery costs may differ. 

The gastric sleeve is performed in a few stages, and the cost for each of them may be included in the ultimate price. Usually, it contains:

Anesthesia fees. Your doctor will determine the dosage of an anesthetic solution according to your health data to put you to sleep. It will last until the end of the operation.

Surgeon’s fees. It may vary depending on the professional degree and experience of the doctor. All of Bookimed’s partner clinics work with board-certified doctors, providing high-end surgery services.

Overnight hospital stay. Usually, gastric sleeve surgery takes 1-2 hours. Occasionally, patients should stay longer in the clinic until full recovery. During this period (1-2 weeks) they may be provided nutrition into the vein until food intake will become a natural process.

Some of the clinics also provide screening tests, nutrition supplements, and other services that should be paid extra except for gastric sleeve costs. It may be optional or mandatory, so ask all the questions to your Bookimed coordinator before treatment.

Price Gastric Sleeve Surgery Comparison by Country

As concluded above, the weight loss surgery costs may vary depending on the clinic’s medical package and country. Here is the table to get acquainted with the prices globally. 

CountryLow endAverage CostHigh end
Czech Republic$4,000$7,200$12,900
United States$9,000$14,900$27,000
Great Britain$8,700$10,000$14,000

The exact cost of your operation will be calculated only after a doctor’s consultation. It may be covered partially by your insurance company depending on the policy and the patient’s health conditions.

How to Pick a Clinic for Gastrectomy?

It is a must to make the proper decision on the gastric sleeve clinic to lose weight effectively. What should you be aware of?
Clinic profile to make sure it has appropriate experience for your surgery.
Equipment level to take high-end medical treatment.
Learn more about medical personnel — doctors’ skills, surgeons’ expertise, and rate of successful operations.
Proven safety and clinic comfort.
The price-quality rate should be an important factor as your treatment must be held in compliance with the world-established medical standards without overpayments.
You can leave Bookimed with all the concerns about picking up the right clinic for sleeve gastrectomy. We will find the best solution according to your needs and requirements.

Packages and What Services They Cover

Private Mexican clinics do their best to attract foreign patients. They provide discounts and special offers for patients. It is an excellent way to save money and get advanced-level services. On the Bookimed website, you can find a wide range of dental packages. They are offers that cover all expenses related to dental veneers installation and your trip. Buying package, you can save 20-30% additionally as far as all services included are provided with a discount. Typically, the package includes:
  • consultation with a dentist;
  • veneer installation;
  • smile design;
  • panoramic X-Ray;
  • whitening;
  • transfer.
Note that special offers are pretty limited in time, so you should react fast in making your decision. We recommend you specify a certain period of discounts on veneers before you book the Mexican clinic. Bookimed cooperates with the best dental clinics worldwide. Some facilities offer special deals for Bookimed patients exclusively. To stay updated on dental discounts, you can contact our assistants, who will help you to choose the cheapest country for doing veneers.

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Does Insurance Cover Gastrectomy Cost?

Most major insurance companies may cover your gastric sleeve surgery expenses or not. It depends on your insurance provider and your health history. To clear up that point you should ask your agency all the requirements and criteria to get paid for the procedure fully or partially.

In some cases, patients should provide the following documents to get insurance benefits:

  • identification card, granting you are over 18;
  • approval of extreme body mass index;
  • statement from your bariatric surgeon, confirming the medical necessity of weight-loss surgery with the corresponding health insurance plan and terms of treatment.

Bookimed Support

Help needed? Just ask the Bookimed’s coordinators for assistance, and get medical guidance 24/7 for free. Bookimed has over 135 partner clinics all over the world, specializing in gastrectomy. Our team will arrange your treatment in correspondence with industry-leading standards and your expectations and will assist in reaching your weight loss goal. 

First of all, you need to submit the request on Bookimed’s website and provide information on the issue, your desired result, and your budget. We will help with every step of your journey — from booking the flight tickets to arrival home and full recovery.