Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey: Package Deals

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Updated: 06.04.2022
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First and foremost, if you decide to read this article, then the question of “how much is a full mouth dental implants package” is crucial for you. $14,000 is the starting price of the procedure in Turkey. It is at least 50% lower than in the United States or the United Kingdom. Moreover, the package price is up to 20% lower than the price of the procedure left out of the package.

Keep reading to learn more about this aesthetic dentistry procedure, its costs, and benefits of getting dental implants abroad in Turkey.

TurkeyUnited StatesUnited Kingdom
Full mouth dental implants packagefrom $14,000from $34,000from $33,000

So Turkey is just the ideal place for complete tooth implantation due to a combination of reasonable expenses and excellent quality — the dental materials have approval from ADA (American Dental Association). The local dentists use the products of an entire range of global manufacturers — from own-produced implants to Swiss, French, Korean, Japanese, or American. The cost of implants in Turkish clinics differs, contingent on the implants manufacturer and the internal pricing policy of the facility.

What Does the Full Mouth Dental Implants Package Include?

Full mouth dental implant procedures are performed to restore damaged natural teeth or replace missing teeth. Before a procedure, doctors conduct dental treatments to make the whole process smooth, and achieve a perfect outcome.

The price of the complete tooth restoration with implants in Turkey usually contains:

The tooth extraction (if any), sinus lifting, bone grafting, or some other specific procedures are paid separately and are carried out during the same process with the establishment of the implants. 

Some dental facilities in Turkey also include additional services such as transfers from/to an airport, discounts on accommodation in first-rate hotels and city tours. But it is better to check with the medical coordinator before booking the clinic.

How Do Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey Work?

Dentists in the Republic of Turkey use innovative approaches to implantation and strictly follow multinational norms of treatment, so the operation of full mouth dental implants in Turkey is quick and safe. The Republic is one of the most successful countries in implant treatment with an achievement rate of up to 98%

The traditional placement of full mouth dental implants in Turkey consists of only 4 steps:

a doctor administers an anesthetic solution
a dentist cuts the gum and exposes the jawbone
a specialist drills the bone and installs a titanium rod
a surgeon screws in the implant, sutures the gum, and places a temporary crown.

In addition to the traditional method, laser implantation is gaining popularity in Turkey. During the procedure, the surgeon uses a laser beam instead of a scalpel that helps to avoid bleeding and infection in the wound, and increase the success of the implantation.

Modern equipment allows Turkish doctors to install up to twelve dental implants per session. This greatly speeds up the process and saves time. Usually, only two visits are needed to get the full mouth dental implants set in Turkey. The exact time of the procedure depends on the complexity of the case and is determined individually for each patient.

Why Turkey? — 5 Reasons To Book a Full Mouth Dental Implant Package in This Transcontinental Country

The population of the United States and European countries is the primary consumer of Turkish dental services. Medical tourists explore ways to save money on dental treatment but get high-quality alternatives. When it comes to picking a location for full mouth dental implants, several factors favor Turkey:

Cost-efficiency — Turkey is well-known for its full-mouth dental implants package deals. Compared to the United States or the United Kingdom, the cost savings on the complete dental implant procedure in Turkey is at least 50% and sometimes can reach up to 75%. According to Bookimed internal statistics, the cost of full mouth dental implants in Turkey starts at $14,000, but the same procedure costs about $34,000 in the United States and $33,000 in the United Kingdom.


First-rate services — the quality of healthcare in private dental clinics in Turkey is the same as in facilities of the USA or the UK. Turkish dentists have vast experience, use cutting-edge technology and materials produced by world-renowned manufacturers, and follow intercontinental criteria of treating patients.

Distance — the Republic of Turkey is a transcontinental country that is situated partly in Western Asia and partly in Southeast Europe. The convenient location of the country makes it easy to get here. That is one of the key advantages.
Quality assurance — Turkish dental clinics use Swiss, French, Korean, Japanese, Israeli, or American-made tooth implants and only those that are approved by ADA (American Dental Association). Local dentists are so confident in the quality of their work that they provide a one-year warranty on full mouth dental implants in Turkey.
Availability — In contrast to British or American dental clinics, there are no long queues in Turkish dental clinics. As a result, you may schedule full mouth dental implants in Turkey at any time that is convenient for you.

What Do You Benefit from Picking a Full Mouth Dental Implants Package Deal in Turkey?

It’s no secret that dentistry is quite an expensive niche globally. As you have learned before, the cost of full mouth dental implants in Turkey depends on the brand manufacturer and the internal pricing policy of the clinic. 

To make the procedure affordable for every patient worldwide and increase inbound customer flow, Turkish doctors have created special package offers. The essence of the packages is that for the cost of the full mouth dental implant in Turkey you also receive additional services, which usually need to be paid separately. And it is the key advantage of package deals.

The dental packages help to save up to 50% and are the best way to avoid parting with money. The typical full mouth dental implants package deals in Turkey include:

The full mouth dental implants package deals in Turkey start at $14,000. Such deals are time-limited. That’s why the availability of packages and their terms should be clarified in advance.

Which Implants Are Best?​

Dental implants allow improving dentition aesthetics and restoring the teeth functionality loss by 100%. The implant systems are simple, convenient, safe, and look as natural as possible. Quality indicators and a guarantee for the tooth implants are provided by the manufacturer but not the dentist. 

Turkish doctors usually use dental implants that are recognized as the best in the world. Among them are Straumann (Switzerland), Nobel Biocare (Switzerland), Dentsply Sirona (USA), Zimmer Biomet (USA), Avinent Corporate (Spain), Osstem Implant (South Korea), etc.

When choosing a manufacturer for the full mouth dental implants in Turkey, the doctor focuses on the bone tissue status and the patient’s financial capabilities. However, to make the procedure cheaper, dentists can place implants from different manufacturers on different parts of the gum. This opportunity is decided only during the consultation with a patient and is not carried out without their consent.

How Many Times Do You Need to Visit a Dentist in Turkey?

As a rule, full mouth dental implants in Turkey involve two visits. During the first visit, a dentist performs all surgical services, makes the cast teeth model, and creates the crowns for existing teeth. During the second visit, a doctor places crowns and implants. The acceptance of implants takes from 3 to 6 months.

Most transnational patients prefer to take a vacation so as not to yo-yo back and forth. In addition, Turkey is a wonderful place to combine treatment with relaxation and is extremely popular with transborder patients. The first-class hotels are often located near Turkish dental clinics. So patients can get a beautiful smile and take a rest.


1. In Turkey, the cost of full mouth dental implants in Turkey starts at $14,000. It is at least 50% cheaper than in the US or UK. In contrast, the same surgery costs around $34,000 in the United States and $33,000 in the United Kingdom. The package price can help save even by 20% more.

2. The success ratio of dental implants in Turkey is 98% — one of the highest in the world. The local doctors have vast experience and implement innovative treatment approaches. That’s why the full mouth dental implants in Turkey are first-rate and safe.

3. The full-mouth dental implants package offered in Turkey are pretty popular with transnational patients. The key benefit of the packages is that they include extra services that would typically be charged separately from the cost of the full mouth dental implants in Turkey.

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