Legal Documents

Terms of Service "Bookimed"

The Agreement between you and Bookimed that regulates the use of the website.

You will find out:
  • Who we are and what services we provide
  • How we select clinics
  • Why you need to create a user account on the website
  • How to use the content on the website
  • What right is applied to the terms of use
Privacy Notice “Bookimed”

The Notice describes your personal data processing.

You will find out:
  • What kind of data we process
  • How long we store personal data
  • What rights you have regarding your personal data
  • How we transfer data to third parties
Cookie Policy “Bookimed”

The Document describes our cookie technologies usage.

You will find out:
  • What categories of cookies we collect
  • How we use cookies
  • How to turn off cookies
Finance Policy

This Policy is about how and for what we get money.

You will find out:
  • For what and to whom you pay
  • How we earn
  • The source of prices provided on the website
  • Whether we provide discounts
Review & Comment Policy

This Policy prescribes our rules of reviews and comments.

You will find out:
  • Who can submit reviews and comments
  • What is forbidden to write in reviews and comments
  • In which cases we delete reviews and comments
Bookimed Clinic Ranking Policy

This Policy describes how we determine the order of clinics listed on the website.

You will find out:
  • How our ranking system works 
  • What criteria affect the clinic’s position in the ranking
Bookimed Editorial Policy

The document describes the principles of content creation and editing.

You will find out:
  • How an editing process goes
  • The values we put in our texts
  • Primary criteria of content quality we follow
  • Info sources we use to create trustwrthy texts
  • Principles of content updates