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Breast Augmentation in Turkey: Surgery Overview, Recovery, Cost [Photos Included]

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Updated: 09.09.2021
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So many women, so many breast shapes and sizes, and so many views of what a perfect bust should look like. And at least half of all women on the planet would like to change something in their bust — the size, shape, or odious stretch marks.

More than 1.8 million breast augmentation surgeries are performed worldwide every year according to the ISAPS report. This means that every day there are 5,000 more women confident in their beauty. Do you want to become one of these lucky ladies and enjoy your reflection in the mirror every time you put on your favorite dress with a decolletage? Keep reading and learn everything about breast augmentation — costs, places, surgeons, useful tips.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation — frequently called augmentation mammoplasty — is a surgical intervention for breast size increasement. The procedure is based on inserting breast implants under the muscles of the breast or chest.

Breast enlargement is a means of feeling more confident for some ladies. For others, the mammary gland reconstruction is a method to get rid of side effects after the treatments of severe diseases such as cancer. 

During the boob job surgery, a plastic surgeon creates the desired breast shape and perfect femine and sexy forms. During the operation, the breasts can become larger, more rounded, elastic taking into account the woman’s natural appearance, her desires and goals.

Breast augmentation surgery is in the list of the most popular cosmetic operations worldwide. According to the 2020 statistical reports from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, almost 200,000 procedures are carried out each year. 

Most international qualified plastic surgeons follow the FDA guidelines that approve the quality of the implants. In agreement with its statement, breast enlargement with the saline implants is allowed for women over 18 and silicone gel implants for women at least 22 years old.

Breast augmentation is among Top 5 most demanded cosmetic procedures. In 84% of cases, women prefer silicone implants and in 16% they choose saline ones.

Boob Job: Fast Facts


  • ladies with good health condition
  • women who want to make their breasts bigger and improve its form
  • females after breast loss or injuries as the result of severe diseases or accidents.


The procedure lasts 1-2 hours. Pay attention that the medical trip requires 2-3 nights of stay in the medical center. Only after hospitalization, you can come back home.


The recovery time takes 6-8 weeks after the surgery. Only then, you can fully return to your normal lifestyle. However, you can return to your routine in 2-3 days after the procedure and go in for sports in 3-4 weeks. Light exercises are possible in a week after boob job.


In 98% of cases, ladies are satisfied with the results of breast augmentation.


  • capsular contracture
  • breast implant rupture
  • implant rejection
  • infection.


  • fat transfer boob job
  • breast lift
  • bust reconstruction.

The Most Common Reasons Why Thousands of Women Get Augmentation Mammoplasty

There are a number of reasons why this corrective procedure does not yield its positions and vice versa — it spins up.

  • Dissatisfaction with their size and appearance — some women choose mammaplasty as a solution to their self-esteem problem, attract men and find personal happiness. Complexes about small breasts lead to the plastic surgery that makes the bust fuller, increasing the feeling of their own sexuality and attractiveness.
  • Severe diseases after-effect — sometimes complex diseases (such as cancer) or accidents lead to complete or partial organ loss and injuries. The woman feels inadequate and lost. In such cases, plastic surgeons offer breast reconstruction — the introduction of an implant and the creation of the most natural breast form. So breast augmentation helps restore the patient’s confidence and returns to the common lifestyle. 
  • Age-related changes — over time, in some women the breast becomes wrinkled and loses its elasticity. Women resort to breast lift and its enlargement to smooth out wrinkles and make a more beautiful shape.
  • Breast sagging after breastfeeding — the lion’s share of the patients who are looking for a breast surgeon are young mothers. They usually complain of the shape loss, sagging, inelasticity. Often ladies say that their breasts look like swollen balls. Breast augmentation along with breast lift is a great option to tighten the breasts, give them the desired shape and make it look like a juicy apple. 

Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Enlargement?

Breast augmentation surgery is suitable for patients with relatively small or saggy breasts and realistic expectations.

There are several requirements for candidates before the procedure:

  • Good health status — the data on a woman’s immunity and co-morbidities that can affect the general condition of the patient are very important before the surgery. The best candidate has good health and no other possible co-existing problems.
  • Age — breast augmentation is possible for patients of 18+ years old. Also, age can influence the choice of the type of implants. Silicone implants are available only for 22-old women or older. 
  • Expectations — they must be realistic. It is important to understand that every woman is different and an imaginary ideal breast on a particular body does not necessarily look like this.
  • Understanding of the process — before each surgical intervention, it is necessary to assess the risks and benefits of the operation to understand the possible consequences.

Which Breast Surgery is Right for You?

If you have read the previous section and kept reading, you are probably a good candidate for the operation. So you can submit a request and book the procedure. But before that, you should know that there are four different types of breast surgery.

Boob job with the implants

The representatives of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASP) have indicated breast augmentation remains the most prevalent aesthetic procedure globally. About 200,000 women have a boob job each year according to data for 2020. As you can see, even the global pandemic has not diminished the position of breast enlargement in the plastic surgery market. 

If a person wants to enlarge the bosom, saline or silicone implants are the best option. After taking into account some aspects, including the volume, type, and form of the selected implants, their placement in the chest, and the location of the incision, the plastic surgeon will be able to make your breast perfect.

Breast enlargement with fat transfer

Boob job with implants is not suitable for everyone. Fat transfer breast augmentation (also known as fat grafting or lipo-filling) is a great option for ladies who want a half-cup to full-cup increase in breast size.

To remove tiny amounts of fat from difficult areas on the body (thighs, abdomen, or flanks), fat transfers employ tumescent liposuction, a common type of fat reduction surgery. Then the specialists renife the fat and reinject carefully into the patient’s breasts to create the desired contour.

Breast lift

Breast enlargements and fat transfers are beneficial for making the bust bigger, but to correct drooping or shrinking is not possible with the help of these procedures. Age, gravity, weight changes and breastfeeding can harmfully affect the breasts and lead to stretching out. The wonderful choice in this case is breast lifting.

Breast lift or mastopexy is an operation to eliminate ptosis (prolapse) of the mammary glands and improve their shape. The surgery is based on moving the nipple, areola, and breast tissue upward and excision of excess skin. At the same time, the volume of the bosom changes slightly.

Breast reduction

Although this article is about breast augmentation, everyone should understand that very large bust volumes harm not only health but also appearance. Fortunately, we know the salvation of this issue.

The pursuit of large breasts is not always good for health. Back or neck pain is the most common ailment associated with a large bust. Such pain causes not only discomfort, but can also lead to severe back disorders. In addition, too large breasts do not look harmonious with other parts of the body and spoil the overall picture of a woman in the eyes of others.

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is one of the types of mammoplasty aimed at decreasing the volume of two or one breast. Breast reduction surgery is as popular as breast augmentation, and the absence of the need for implants makes its cost affordable.

In order to understand which one is the best option for you, you need to consult with a plastic surgeon. Only the doctor will be able to understand what result you want and choose the best type of correction for you. By the way, the Bookimed team helps patients find the most suitable surgeons in their case. So if you haven’t found a plastic surgeon yet, submit a request on our website and the Bookimed medical coordinators will contact you.

Types of Breast Implants Used in Turkey

Breast implants differ in accordance with four characteristics:

  1. shape (teardrop and round)
  2. profile
  3. implant surface (textured or smooth)
  4. material from which they are made (silicone and saline).

Teardrop and Round Implants

  • Teardrop (anatomical) — in most cases, anatomical implants are used, because the natural shape of a woman’s breast looks like a drop (the main volume is located in the lower part of the breast, and the upper part, on the contrary, does not have a pronounced volume). The task of a teardrop breast augmentation is to repeat or recreate the natural shape of a woman’s breast, and add natural volume. Teardrop-shaped implants keep the shape of the breast as natural as possible, even in a horizontal position.
  • Round (contoured) — have a rounded shape and help to achieve an increase in the mammary glands by several sizes at once and to obtain the maximum bust volume. Although the breast does not always look natural after the round implant surgery, this is compensated for by a high aesthetic effect and visual appeal. Round implants make the bosom ample, elastic and allow you to get a push-up effect.
Group 10

Silicone and Saline Implants

Saline implants

  • The FDA recommends breast implants with saline or sodium chloride for girls 18 years of age and older, for breast reconstruction after mastectomy in women of any age, and for revision mammoplasty (reaugmentation).
  • During the operation, surgeons install the saline implant and only then fill it with sodium chloride through a special valve.


Silicone implants

  • Such implants are initially filled with silicone (cohesive) gel. According to the FDA, silicone breast implants are the most studied and have passed strict safety and quality controls.
  • Silicone implants are approved for women over 22. They can be used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy for women of any age, and revision mammoplasty.
  • Almost every manufacturer has its own system for classifying silicone implants according to the density of their filler (cohesiveness). Gummy bear implants are the most popular and innovative among cohesive silicone gel implants. Such implants provide the natural breast form while reducing the danger of postoperative rippling and increasing safety if the implant loses its integrity.





  • The surgery is performed through a small incision
  • The saline solution has a composition identical to the liquid that is produced by human tissues. Therefore, if the implant membrane is damaged, it is excreted from the body on its own without harm to health.
  • The fillers have the structure same with the natural breast tissue, so does not feel different from the natural bust.
  • If the implant is damaged, the gel does not migrate through the body due to its dense consistency and integrity with the shell.
  • If the implant is incomplete, saline could be bubbling. 
  • Salt implants are less strong than the silicone ones.
  • Their installation requires larger incisions than saline ones.
  • Damage of a silicone prosthesis is difficult to detect. It is often asymptomatic (without changing the shape and size of the breast). Therefore, doctors recommend

Breast Implant Profiles

An implant profile is a percentage of its height to diameter. The size of the implant is measured in milliliters. 1 breast size is approximately a 150 ml prosthesis. The number of milliliters (volume) affects the diameter of the implant and its convexity — the profile.

There are 3 main types of profiles:

  • high — the most convex implants that have ball shape
  • medium — flatter prosthesis
  • low — the flattest implants.

In fact, the profile determines how much an implant projects forward from the chest wall when standing. The profile is proper for both teardrop and round implants. The main goal of the profile and shape of the implant is to make a perfect bust that will ideally suit a woman according to her physical characteristics (body constitution), will look the most natural and will make the woman’s appearance even more harmonious. That’s why the implant profile and size are selected for each woman individually during the consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Teardrop implant profiles

Round implant profiles

Best Breast Implants with Breast Lift

How much does breast implants with breast lift cost? Packages and prices for Breast Implants with Breast Lift. What clinic is right for you?

Smooth and textured

Smooth surface implants were the first to appear in the 1970s. Their shell is particularly solid that makes the breast soft to the touch. However, silicone prostheses with a smooth surface have a disadvantage — a relatively higher risk of capsular contracture (negative reaction of the immune system to external materials in the body).

The surface of textured implants is porous and rough to the touch that allows the implant to take hold better in the capsule. Such prostheses are more rarely to be displaced in the capsule than the smooth ones and reduce the chance of such complications as capsular contracture.

Before/After Photos

Photos of patients before and after the surgery are the calling card of each plastic surgeon. A doctor can have vast experience and qualifications, numerous certificates, but in most cases the decisive factor is visual examples of work — images with results. Before/after photos help a potential patient assess professionalism and understand how ready she is to entrust her body to this surgeon.

Find out more before and after photos of augmentation mammoplasty to choose the best medical center and plastic surgeon for a boob job in Turkey and other countries.

Procedure: Breast augmentation

Hospital: FORME Clinic

Boob Job Cost in Turkey vs. Other Countries

The prices of the procedure in the table below are approximate and can change from clinic to clinic. Specify the exact breast enlargement cost in a specific medical center before booking the operation.

  Turkey Mexico Ukraine South Korea Spain

Breast augmentation

from $2,300from $2,500from $3,750from $3,300from $9,000

Breast implants + breast lift

from $2,800from $4,200from $4,100from $3,300from $12,200

Breast lift

from $1,750 from $3,500from $2,950from $4,000from $9,000

Breast reconstruction

from $2,500from $3,200from $7,200from $9,800from $10,000

Breast revision surgery

from $2,500from $3,600from $3,750from $4,100from $7,150

Find out where you can get the perfect bust and save your money in our material 6 destinations with the cheapest prices on breast implants in 2021

6 destinations with the cheapest prices on breast implants in 2021

Find out where you can get the perfect bust and save your money in our material 6 destinations with the cheapest prices on breast implants in 2021. 

Boob job prices in 2021 — compare hot deals around the world

Find out how much a boob job is in different countries and clinics, find cost-effective breast augmentation offers, and how to get an appointment with a doctor.

What does the boob job price in Turkey include?

In most cases, the cost of breast augmentation surgery includes:

  • consultation with a plastic surgeon
  • preoperative examination (ultrasound of the mammary glands, blood and urine tests)
  • implants and their installation
  • medicines
  • hospitalization for 1 night
  • postoperative consultation with a surgeon.

It’s important to know! If you decide to enlarge your breasts, you should examine the prices in advance. Some clinics offer a package price for breast augmentation. It includes transfer from / to the airport, translation services, hotel accommodation and special compression linen. Check with the Bookimed medical coordinator what medical center provides special offers. 

Preparation for Breast Augmentation Surgery

The preparation process consists of several steps:

Consultation with the plastic surgeon — at this step you get answers to your questions, choose implants, and method of implant placement.
An appointment with a therapist and anesthesiologist

Lab tests and examinations


It’s important to follow these rules! 

  1. You must stop taking hormonal drugs and blood clotting medications in 2 weeks before doing augmentation mammoplasty. 
  2. For 3 days it is necessary to give up alcohol and smoking (or reduce the number of cigarettes to a minimum). 
  3. You cannot eat 8-9 hours and drink water 6-9 hours before the procedure.

Mammoplasty Augmentation Process in Turkey

The intervention is carried out under general anesthesia. The type of anesthesia is discussed with an anesthesiologist during the consultation only after complete diagnostics.

During augmentation mammoplasty, the plastic surgeon makes markings and determines the location of the implant. All nuances, including the choice of prostheses, are discussed before the procedure. 

Breast augmentation procedure takes 1-2 hours. After the surgery, the doctor applies a special bandage. 

Rehabilitation After Boob Job

Rehab period after the mammaplasty lasts 6-8 weeks.

Hour 1

Immediately after the operation — in most cases the general anesthesia is used, so after the surgery you are transferred to the recovery room until you wake up. During some hours after boob job you spend in the clinic under the supervision of specialists.

Hours 3-4

Several hours after the surgery — you can return home. Before the discharge, your plastic surgeon will give you some recommendations to follow at home.

Days 3-5

It’s time for the most discomfort. At this period you take painkillers. You can come back to your common lifestyle but must follow some recommendations — wear compression underwear, give up physical activity, and do not visit the bathhouse and sauna.

Week 1

The pain is minimal. At this period, the woman should wear a corrective bra; sex life, sports, and stress are prohibited.


Week 3

Bruises and swelling disappear, itching and discomfort do not bother, a new shape of the breast appears. A woman can come back to sport and sex activities.

Month 2

The woman fully recovers.

Recommendations From Bookimed Patients

Note that each advice is a subjective experience of the patient. Therefore, you should consult with your doctor before proceeding with these tips.

Each patient experience is unique. But no one can tell you better about the procedure, its effects, and rehabilitation than a person who has already gone through it. We have collected the most frequent tips from the Bookimed patients and share them with you:

If you want to learn more about real patients’ experience who have experienced lipo, check the verified reviews on the Bookimed website. 

What Result Can You Expect After Breast Enlargement?

Boob job surgery is performed at a plastic surgery center or a hospital outpatient clinic. Most likely you will return home the same day. However, if the procedure is complex, you can stay in the clinic 2-3 nights. 

Breast augmentation is sometimes performed with local anesthetic, which means you’re awake but your breast region is numbed. But most frequently the operation is performed under general anesthesia, which means you are unconscious during the procedure. 

After three weeks, when all the bruises and swelling are almost gone, you will be able to see the result of the operation and the desired shape of your breasts. And if you want to predict the result, the plastic surgeon does 3D modeling during the consultation. So you can understand what shape your breasts will take after the procedure. 

Possible Risks

Breast enlargement is a risk-free operation, and most women who have implants have no problems with them. However, a boob job is still an intervention and has some potential risks. Although they are uncommon, it is critical to be aware of them before the surgery. The following risks are possible:

Capsular contracture is a medical condition when the breast tissue becomes rigid around the implant.


Implant rupture — in this case the implant damages and begins to leak and deflate gradually.


The change of form, location of the implant, or the appearance of wrinkles, folds, or rippling.


Breastfeeding difficulties or inability to produce enough milk. However, the breast prosthesis does not affect the newborn baby. 

Best Breast Implant Revision Clinics

Searching for Breast Implant Revision clinics? Check the ranking of 60 plastic surgery clinics based on 1 reviews, find 23 top plastic surgery doctors.


When deciding on getting the surgery, it is important to be aware that breast reduction surgery may lead to some complications. Such postsurgical complications may occur after the intervention as:

  • infection
  • swelling and hematomas
  • suppuration
  • divergence of sutures
  • necrosis.

To avoid these complications, choose a high-class surgeon and follow all specialist’s recommendations after the procedure.

Should I Get a Boob Job Abroad or At Home?

Medical tourism is becoming more and more popular. Cosmetic surgery is one of the primary specialties why international patients travel abroad. There are some reasons why medical trips are so widespread:

  • reputation and experience of overseas surgeons
  • quality of service
  • lower cost of breast implants compared to the USA, UK, or Western European countries.

Despite the popularity of breast augmentation abroad, there are a few general questions that patients usually ask.


Why is breast implantation surgery cheaper abroad? Does this mean a lower quality of treatment?

Affordable prices and high quality of healthcare is the main reason why patients prefer to get breast augmentation abroad. Turkey is a leader in the plastic surgery sector. The prices of the operation here are up to 75% lower than in the USA or the UK due to low pricing policy within the country. At the same time, the local plastic surgeons have vast experience and follow international treatment standards. So patients get great results at reasonable prices. 


Will a boob job abroad mean that I have to be away from home for a long time?

Depending on the individual treatment plan, patients usually stay abroad for about 2-9 days for breast implant surgery. This includes a short 1-2 night stay in the hospital after surgery, as well as a few days of rest and recovery at the hotel.


How do I deal with any potential complications when I return home? Will I be able to contact a doctor abroad?

Many top-tier overseas clinics provide extensive services to international patients. So medical staff abroad support their patients even after their return home. So after your arrival home, you can still see your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. Contact your personal Bookimed medical coordinator and get all the answers to your questions. 

Breast Augmentation During COVID

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, not all countries are open to transborder patients. Accordingly, the services of some clinics are just not available for them. Nevertheless, if earlier the United States, Spain, Thailand, and South Korea were the main hubs of plastic surgery, now Mexico, Turkey and Ukraine have become the leaders in this sector because of their incredibly lax restrictions for visitors, excellent quality of medical services, and low costs.


Find out more about leaders in cosmetic surgery, COVID restrictions, best clinics and prices in our new material Top 4 open countries for medical tourism in 2021.


How to Choose the Best Breast Surgery Doctor

The choice of a plastic surgeon should be given maximum time and attention. You are looking for a person whom you can trust in your appearance and health. When looking for a plastic surgeon, we recommend you to pay attention to:

  • ratings and reviews (patient experience)
  • equipment of the clinic
  • education and qualifications
  • experience (amount of the operations per month)
  • portfolio (before/after photos).

Having analyzed about a hundred plastic surgeons specializing in breast augmentation, the Bookimed team selected 6 best of them according to the criteria mentioned above.

Top Surgeons for Breast Augmentation

Bulent Cihantimur
Bulent Cihantimur
Plastic surgeon
Read More
Dr. Bülent Cihantimur is one of the best plastic surgeons in the world. Dr. Cihantimur is an author of 8 innovative plastic surgery methods and founder of Estetik International. Among his patients are Human Ken and Barbie Dolls Rodrigo Alves and Pixee Fox.
Arturo Muñoz Meza
Arturo Muñoz Meza
Plastic surgeon
Read More
Dr. Arturo Muñoz Meza is a top plastic surgeon in Mexico with over 20 years of experience. Founder of Dr. Arturo Munoz Meza Plastic Surgery in Tijuana. Dr. Meza is an expert in aesthetic, cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Doctor’s subspecialty is weight loss surgery.
Andrey Kharkov
Andrey Kharkov
Plastic Surgeon, Aesthetic Specialist
Read More
Andrey Kharkov M.D. is a top plastic surgeon in Ukraine. The doctor has performed more than 14,000 successful operations. Andrey Kharkov has graduated with honor from university of A.A. Bohomolca in Kyiv (Ukraine). The doctor has dedicated 25 years to mastering plastic surgery techniques. The physician has improved his qualification in the USA, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, and Austria.
Jose Cortes
Jose Cortes
Plastic surgeon
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Jose Cortes MD is the Mexico's most valued plastic surgeon according Doctoralia Awards 2018, 2019, 2020. Top Plastic surgeon Mexico - Lideres Magazine 2019 and 2020.
Tomas Benes
Tomas Benes
Plastic surgeon
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Provides complete body and face plastic surgery, including microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. He specializes primarily in plastic surgery of the breasts, abdomen, and buttocks.
Derya Bingol
Derya Bingol
Plastic surgeon
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Dr. Derya Bingöl is an award-winning Turkish plastic surgeon with over 15 years of practice. Has the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Certificate. Performs 150-200 aesthetic operations annually including breast operations, mommy makeover, vaser liposuction, tummy tuck, body shaping, rhinoplasty, face lifting, blepharoplasty.

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

Prepare a list of questions for a cosmetic specialist in advance. Feel free to ask them, even if it takes a long time or if some of them seem silly or obvious to you. The experienced plastic surgeon patiently advises patients and understands the concerns of those who go for plastic surgery for the first time. 

Below are the questions with which, in our opinion, each patient should start communicating with the surgeon. The answers to these questions will allow you to understand whether the specialist, their methods and views are right for you, and also help to avoid unsuccessful cases when the patient is unhappy with the results because of the misunderstanding between the doctor and patient.


How does the surgeon see the solution to your problem?


What results can the doctor predict?


Will re-intervention be required (in general or over time)?


Does the surgeon see alternative solutions to your problem? If so, which ones? If not, why not?


What is the operation technique and what is the surgery process?


Does the specialist have photographs of patients with situations similar to yours, before and after operation?


How long will you need to stay in the clinic after the surgery?


How often will you need to come for dressings and control visits?


How will your rehabilitation proceed?


What rehabilitation procedures will you need to perform?


What complications are possible after surgery?


How is the clinic equipped? Does it include an intensive care unit?

What preoperative examination are you going to have?

Does the surgeon have permission to perform such an operation?

Does the clinic have a license?

Best Сlinics For Boob Job

The leading directions for breast enhancement are located in Turkey, Mexico, Czech Republic, and Ukraine. Cosmetic surgery centers in these countries are globally recognized for high-quality services and relatively low prices. 

The Bookimed team has selected the Top 6 clinics for the bust augmentation from 165 plastic surgery centers. The clinics are located in different countries and have different pricing policies. When selecting the centers, the team focused on the experience and qualifications of plastic surgeons, the quality of service and reviews of Bookimed patients. Therefore, we would choose any of these centers ourselves or advise our family members and friends.

Top Plastic Surgery Centers

Turkey, Istanbul
Adem and Havva Medical Center
Turkey, Istanbul
Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
Turkey, Istanbul
Estetik International Clinic
Dr. Arturo Munoz Meza Plastic Surgery
Mexico, Tijuana
Dr. Arturo Munoz Meza Plastic Surgery
Czech Republic, Prague
FORME Clinic
Ukrainian Academy of Plastic Surgery
Ukraine, Kyiv
Ukrainian Academy of Plastic Surgery

Why Choose Bookimed?

  • The Bookimed medical coordinators select a clinic for you and a doctor who specializes in breast augmentation. The team takes into account the peculiarities of the medical case, your needs and preferences. You will receive an individual program with an exact cost in your case and the medical coordinator will help you to plan your trip in advance.
  • Bookimed is an international service for the selection of medical solutions and the organization of treatment in more than 30 countries. The Bookimed medical coordinators have already helped 680,000+ patients to get appropriate medical care. 
  • The mission of the platform is to provide everyone with the necessary medical options and provide assistance at all stages: from choosing a clinic and organizing a trip to returning home. The Bookimed team stays in touch with the patient 24/7 to keep the medical journey simple and comfortable.
  • Bookimed services are free of charge for patients. Choosing a solution and organizing your trip does not affect your treatment bill.


The cost of the boob job is from $1,500 depending on the complexity of the operation and the selected implants (form, manufacturer). A lot of plastic surgery clinics provide their patients with hot packages. The price includes the operation itself, preoperative tests, anesthesia, in-hospital stay, postoperative consultation, and compression underwear. The most affordable deals you can find in the Top listing of medical centers specialized on breast augmentation

The primary distinction between these two items is that augmentation is the process required for breast enlargement, the intervention itself, while implants are the mechanism applied. Each is reliant on the other to produce outcomes. So breast augmentation and breast implants are two main components of the same procedure aimed to make the bosom bigger and improve its shape.

Nowadays, breast implants are created to last over 10 years. After this period, the risk of rupture increases be3y 1% every year. So the older the implant is, more possible rupture or other complications are. Usually, the prosthesis can last more than 20 years and doesn’t change its shape or size during this time.  

Silicone one. It is the most common and popular type of breast implants. Silicone has a high density, soft elastic structure and is absolutely harmless. Silicone prosthesis take the natural shape of the breast and visually do not differ from it. 

In some cases, plastic surgeons apply cohesive gel filler. Cohesive gel is a kind of silicone. It is very soft and guarantees a natural look and feel; breasts with such implants feel almost like natural breasts. And with the help of Soft Touch filling (highly cohesive silicone) it is possible to make breasts as natural as possible and even to imitate their behavior during movement.

Both silicone and saline breast implants are recognized as safe for organ augmentation and reconstruction. However, both types are not suitable for each lady and have age restrictions. According to the FDA, saline prosthesis is available for women 18+ of age and the silicone implants are available for patients of 22+ years old. 

According to the recommendations of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Medical Association (AMA), the minimum age for women who want to get breast enlargement is at least 18 years old. However, if the patient prefers the silicone implants, her age must be at least 22.

In keeping with Breastfeeding After Reduction, the authoritative online edition, breastfeeding is possible after augmentation mammoplasty. If you are planning to have a baby, tell your plastic surgeon about it. In order not to disrupt lactation, the doctor will make an incision under the breast or armpit, and not along the areola. With thoracic and axillary approaches, there is no risk of damaging the milk ducts.

Usually, plastic surgeons recommend to back off from sexual activity during the first 4-6 weeks after the surgery. However, if sex is indispensable for you, keep doing it but carefully. You should remember that in the first three to five days, discomfort does not lead to the awakening of sexual desires. After this period you can have sex. It is necessary to protect the chest from pressure and shaking. Choose a position in which the man is in the back, rest your hands on a firm support to reduce the amplitude of body swing, and have fun.  

The sensation depends largely on the solution used (saline or silicone), the size of the implant and its position. Scar tissue might impact the touch as well.

In fact, it can be different, but it is most likely to feel some traces of the procedure, if not the implant itself. Do they care about it, is the actual question?

Nipples have a smooth muscle that erects the nipples if the lady is aroused by cold. Don’t worry, the breast enlargement does not affect areola or nipple appearance and has little impact on these muscles, so your nipples won’t get hard after the operation.

Modern versions of implants can be worn throughout life. But it is important to remember that there are individual indications for replacement that cannot be ignored. Even silicone implants may require replacement because of the chest trauma and damage of the capsule. If we talk about saline prostheses, they may require replacement after 10-15 years because of the leakage or deformation of the shape. However, in any case you need to consult with a specialist. Only a plastic surgeon can say when you should replace your breast implants.

Sagging is the most frequent and common transformation of breast implants when you get older. Breast lift and implants replacement may correct this issue. The outcome of the breast implant sagging or altering position may be a slight deflated look.